I Found The Best Handheld Vacuum For Your Mattress, Couch, And Pillows

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I have a complicated relationship with vacuums. 

There is a big fancy one that sits in my closet collecting dust because even the thought of dragging it out, plugging it in, and then having to vacuum on top of that exhausts me. 

Obviously when the Roomba debuted, I was THRILLED. A robot vacuum that does everything by itself? I could not get my grubby hands on it fast enough. 

But our partnership is a chilly one — it’s not a love/hate thing, it’s a hate/hate thing. 

As in I hate it and it hates me. Either I got a lemon or it is self aware and actively ignores entire rooms out of spite, just circling around in one area and butting into the wall. 

So it sits on its charging station in the corner, mocking me and collecting dust like my closet vacuum. 

The solution? I need a handheld dirt picker-upper. 

So I scoured the internet looking for the best handheld vacuums and stumbled across the Housmile Corded Handheld Vacuum

The ratings are solid, so I clicked “Add to cart” and anxiously awaited what would hopefully be an answer to my cleaning problem. 


Unboxing The Handheld

It came this week and I tore open the box, excited to see if it lived up to the online hype. 

The box was light, as it only weighs 4.11 lbs and is portable. 

best handheld vacuum

My first thought upon seeing it was “OH MY GOD IT LOOKS LIKE EVE FROM WALL-E” and that robot is adorable. 

We’re off to a good start — light and cute!

I read the instructions like my dad always says, plugged it in, and got ready to clean some shit. 

What The Vacuum Promises

This particular handheld is unique in that it promises to kill dust mites, bacteria, and allergens with UV light. 

It also sucks up dead skin (eww), hair (I’m a shedder so yay), and regular old dust. 

There are two power settings — low and high — with a double-suction port design that ensures sufficient suction power.

That means if you put that baby on high, it will get rid of dirt on your pillows, bed sheets, mattress, couch, and kids’ and pets’ toys. 

best handheld vacuum

It has “Perfect cooperation between 6000cycle/min high Rotating Frequency and Powerful Suctions with 8.5KPa.” No idea what that means but it sounds fancy!

The “Intelligent electronic control induction prevents leakage and the UV light automatically stops working when the mattress vacuum cleaner does not touch the clean surface.”

I gather that means it’s smart!

The Test

I tested my new handheld vacuum out on my couch, where I’d recently spilled pepper (don’t ask).

Now, I’m not going to TMI you with all of the gory details but when I cleaned out the filter, let’s just say it works.

And it works well – so well, in fact, that I gagged several times while emptying the chamber. Because not only did it clean the pepper spill, but it picked up some other stuff that I’m not going to try to identify. 

So it passes that test with flying colors. 

It is easy to clean as well — you just pop out the dust collector, rinse, dry, and voilà — you’re ready to go again. 

The maneuverability is decent, it’s easy to use and for $74.66 it is money well spent. 

The one thing I wish was that it was cordless, but that’s a minor issue — the cord is pretty long so you don’t have to keep plugging it into different outlets around the area you’re cleaning. 

I can recommend the Housmile Corded Handheld Vacuum with no qualms, and since it has an overall rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars, a lot of others agree with me. 

And it looks like Eve from WALL-E — an added bonus. 


Do you have a favorite handheld vacuum? Tell us in the comments!

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