These 12 Fuzzy Purses Are All We Want From Santa This Year

I’m extra in the same way that guac is extra at Chipotle, which is to say that I’m up front with what I bring to the table…you can either take me or leave me. I’m fine with that. That’s the way it is with accessories like the fuzzy purses below. In no way do they pretend to be subtle or try to fade into the background. It’s a handbag that’s fuzzy. End of story.

Keep scrolling to discover the cozy, fuzzy, absolutely most ridiculously perfect bags you could hope for.


Kate Spade Love Shack Heart Purse

I’d wear this purse with a denim jumpsuit and Chelsea boots. Nothing too whimsical or romantic…it’s a heart bag, so I’d want to fight the urge to go the expected route.

kate spade love shack heart-shaped fuzzy purse

SHOP – $269

Cozy Carryall Tote

I’d slip a few canned cocktails in this furry tote bag and take it with me to the movies. I’d want the movie to either be something with a lot of action or a quiet period piece…nothing in between.

target cozy carryall fuzzy purse

SHOP – $25

Mango Checked Fur Bag

What I love about this bag is that it “goes” with nothing. Which means it actually goes with everything.

mango checkered fuzzy purse

SHOP – $79.99

Heart Faux Fur Tote

This would actually make a cute bag to keep the little toys and trinkets you need to keep little ones happy. You wouldn’t need to be too careful with this tote; bags like these already have a bit of a worn-in look, which will only get more distinctive in time.

anthropologie fuzzy tote

SHOP – $75.60

Mini Faux Fur Tote Bag

I’d wear the spotted doe version of this bag with a fuschia blazer and black pants.

urban outfitters fuzzy purse

SHOP – $19.99

Sherpa Sling Bag

I’ve decided that I love this belt bag more than I like most people. I’d wear this with my hair in a bun and a berry-colored lip balm.

fur purse

SHOP – $59.99

Stand Studio Medium Lolita Faux Shearling Tote

This is the kind of bag that, when someone asked me what the material was made of, I’d say ‘teddy bears and inside-out Barbie dolls.’ I wouldn’t laugh. I wouldn’t even smile.

stand alone fuzzy purse

SHOP – $196

Manu Atelier Mini Cylinder Shearling Crossbody

I love that this bag has two interchangeable straps. Take the bag with you on vacation — use the leather strap during the day, and switch out for the chain strap at night.

manu atelier crossbody fuzzy bag

SHOP – $333

Coach 1941 Shearling Backpack

Utterly decadent yet 100% functional, this backpack is so gorgeous I could cry. Wear with a latte-colored outfit and sturdy loafers.

coach 1941 fuzzy purse

SHOP – $495.00

Kate Spade Faux Fur Smile Shoulder Bag

If you’re not sure about the whole plush trend, then this is the bag for you. Discreet enough to tuck under your arm, you can add a cool element to your ‘fit without much effort.

kate spade smile faux fur fuzzy purse

SHOP – $97.30

Kassiopea Plaid Crossbody Bag

I love how this bag evokes a tweed blazer, but without any of the fussiness. Balance the formal vibe of the crossbody by wearing jeans and a slouchy sweater.

anthropologie kassiopea fuzzy purse

SHOP – $72

Chloe Woody Small Tote In Shearling

I wear this tote with my lug sole boots, ponte pants, chunky turtleneck, and aviator sunglasses. I’d walk with purpose, too, like I was trying to get to my gate before my flight left…even if I was just headed to get oat milk from Target.

chloe woody fuzzy purse

SHOP – $1,690


Are you carrying a fuzzy purse this winter? What’s your favorite fuzzy purse look? Tell us in the comments below!

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