Oprah’s Favorite Things Just Dropped! These Are Our Top 10 Picks

Amazon just came out with ‘Oprah’s favorite things,’ a list of products handpicked by Oprah. All the products are small-businesses owned by people of color and women. We love the idea of being able to shop small with the convenience of Amazon. 

Here are our top 10 favorites from Oprah’s list.


Musee Women of Change Bath Bomb Set

women of change bathbombs

Good for kids and kids at heart, these whimsically packaged paraben-and sulfate-free bath bombs pay tribute to phenomenal women like Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Frida Kahlo. There’s even a collectible magnet of the icon inside each box. I also like that the Mississippi-based company makes it a point to hire people with disabilities, those in recovery, or those who need a second chance.” – Oprah

SHOP – $44.99

Omi Woods Women’s Coin Necklace

omi woods womens coin necklace

Ashley Alexis McFarlane created these 18-karat gold vermeil-coin necklaces to pay homage to the African diaspora. There’s Cleopatra, the Queen of Sheba, and one that reimagines the Statue of Liberty as an African American woman.” – Oprah

SHOP – $109-$135

Natural Beeswax Skin Tone Crayons

all of us skin tone crayons

“Is there anything better than a fresh box of crayons? These are extra special because they were created with inclusivity in mind. When Sabine Joseph’s daughter asked her to draw a picture of her grandmother, Joseph couldn’t find a crayon that matched her beautiful brown skin. So she created these eight to represent the beauty of all skin tones. Now, that’s the kind of initiative I can get behind.” – Oprah

SHOP – $23

10pk + Giftbox, Poppy & Pout 100% Natural Lip Balm

poppy & pout lip palm

“This lip balm set has 10 flavors wrapped up in a beautiful box that’s good to go with a bow. Derek Cooper makes the hand-poured, 100 percent natural balms housed in eco-friendly paper tubes in-house in Idaho.” – Oprah

SHOP – $54.40

Galison Faith Ringgold The Sunflower Quilting Bee Puzzle

Galison Faith Ringgold The Sunflower Quilting Bee at Arles Puzzle

“This 1,000-piece puzzle depicts African American artist Faith Ringgold’s painting of powerful women like Sojourner Truth, Harriet Tubman, and Rosa Parks holding a sunflower quilt. I‘m proud to say I own the original!” – Oprah

SHOP – $16.99

What Happened To You? Conversations on Trauma, Resilience, and Healing

what happened to you oprah book

“Through conversations with Dr. Bruce Perry, my eyes were opened to the fact that although I experienced abuse and trauma as a child, my brain found ways to adapt. I believe this is where hope lives for all of us — in the unique adaptability of our miraculous brains. That’s why Dr. Perry and I cowrote What Happened to You? We hope its readers will find the tools to build a renewed sense of self-worth and ultimately recalibrate their responses to circumstances, situations, and relationships.” – Oprah

SHOP – $14.49-$14.99

Mindful & Co ABCs to Mindfulness Coloring Set

Mindful & Co Kids ABCs to Mindfulness Coloring Set

“I believe mindfulness is something every kid can benefit from, which is why I love this coloring book. Each letter of the alphabet is paired with a poem meant to introduce young brains to the concept. It also comes with colored pencils with affirmations like “I am enough” and “I deserve to be happy” etched onto them. Can’t go wrong with strong messages like that!” – Oprah

SHOP – $37

Mented Cosmetics Lipglosses

mented cosmetics lip gloss

“KJ Miller and Amanda E. Johnson have made makeup magic with a line for all skin tones. These made-in-the-USA glosses feel modern, giving just the right amount of luster, sans stickiness.” – Oprah

SHOP – $15

Clevr SuperLatte Starter Kit

clever superlatte kit

“My neighbor Meghan (yes, that one) introduced me to this woman-led wellness brand. Not a day goes by without me sipping on the golden latte from this kit, which also comes with chai latte mix and a little frother. You can add the mixes to smoothies for a flavor boost, too.” – Oprah

SHOP – $59.20

Oprah’s The Life You Want Planner

Oprah's The Life You Want Planner

“This will change your life — even if you just do half of it. Part weekly planner, part intention journal, this beautiful book created by the Oprah Daily team will inspire you to make self-reflection and setting intentions a daily practice — and help you answer the ultimate question, “How do I become more of me?” – Oprah

SHOP – $24.95


What is your favorite thing on this list? What are your favorite women and POC-owned businesses near you? Let us know in the comics!

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