You’ll Sleigh Your Next Holiday Party In These Gorgeous Holiday Dresses (And Jumpsuits!)

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If there is ever a time of year to go for the bling, it’s the holiday season. It doesn’t even matter if your plans include a cocktail party with friends or boxed wine in front of the television, you deserve a little bit of sparkle in your life.

Whether you find yourself at a fancy holiday happy hour or you’re hosting a classy night in with friends and family this holiday season, these dresses will seriously impress!


Rhinestone Embellished Blazer Dress

I’d drink martinis all night in this dress, and I don’t even particularly like martinis. This dress demands more than my normal pomegranate and rum drink…it wants me to be better.

saint genies rhinestone dress

SHOP – $79.00

Shiny Textured Dress

This is the type of dress you throw on when you don’t know what to wear. If the dress code skews casual, you’re not really overdressed — it’s a mini dress, after all. And if everyone else is wearing more formal attire, yeah, you’re in a mini dress…but it sparkles, so that’s ok.

mango textured dress

SHOP – $59.99

Cut-Out Velour Dress

This dress is so sexy that I’d be tempted to stand in a corner at the party and pose all night. I’d wear it with slicked back hair, a red lip, and a middle-distance gaze.

h&m cutout velour dress

SHOP – $29.99

Slim Bow-Back Midi Dress

It needs to be said: I hate the shoes that Anthro placed on the model. Not so much for the flats, but because the tights need to be either way darker or way lighter. To be fair, I’d probably wear these with combat boots and a denim jacket that I would be sure to take off with much fanfare, revealing the bow in the back.

anthropologie bow back dress

SHOP – $198.00

Sabina Musayev Helena Dress

Everyone needs a cocktail dress in their closet. The one you wear on days when you’re feeling insecure. The shimmer in this dress says “I’m in the mood for champagne,” while the fun, pink color says “but I’ll take whatever beer you have on tap, thanks.”

sabina musayev helena dress

SHOP – $380.00

Asymmetric Velvet Neckline Dress

While this dress is fantastic on its own, it would look AMAZING with a plain long sleeve t-shirt underneath. You could wear it with white sneaks and it would look just as good at midnight as it would at noon. I may buy this dress. Don’t talk me out of it.

mango asymmetrical holiday dress

SHOP – $49.99

Rhinestone-Detail Cut Out Dress

I love the cutout detail on this dress (a feature I’m normally ambivalent about in the best of situations). This is the dress you wear when you most certainly do not come in peace. Sure you’re socializing, but you’re mainly there for the hors d’oeuvres.

h&m rhinestone cutout dress

SHOP – $24.99

Luxe Jacquard Volume Sleeve Mini Dress

When you need a dress that says, “Listen up, f*ckers, I’ve got a babysitter and credit card, the first round of drinks is on me” … this is that dress.

asos luxe holiday dress

SHOP – $110.00

Anastasia Vineyard Green Dress

Emerald green for party dresses is seriously underrated. It’s so hard to get right, but this dress does it well. The color is vivid enough to stand on its own, but the low cut neckline and shimmer, when paired together, create a standout look that turns heads.

anastasia vineyard green holiday dress

SHOP – $499.00

Silver Embellished Drape Detail Mini Dress

It can be tricky to choose a low cut dress with a thigh-high slit. Don’t choose this dress if you’ll be lounging on couches or sitting on low cushions, unless you want everyone to see your boy howdy. Which is fine! Just so you’re aware.

asos embellished holiday dress

SHOP – $93.00

Long Strap Jumpsuit

I love everything about this jumpsuit: the color, the neckline, the lack of sleeves. Just make sure you go to the bathroom before you leave home, as this pretty lil thing zips up the back. I’d wear it with a faux leather blazer and a neutral lip.

mango long strap jumpsuit

SHOP – $99.99

Satin Bow Tie Jumpsuit

It may look like this satin jumpsuit is difficult to pull off, but it’s actually doable. Wear on its own or pair it with a velvet jacket. Or you can partially button a slim cardigan to let the bow peek out.

anthropologie satin jumpsuit

SHOP – $180.00

Black Halter Wide Leg Jumpsuit

Everyone needs a little black jumpsuit in their wardrobe, and this halter version works well. With the right layering you can wear it year-round, and, depending on your accessories, you can don this to office parties or family dinners.

lulu little black jumpsuit

SHOP – $74.00

Saylor Janae Feather Jumpsuit

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Whenever I’m going to a place where there will be people I don’t really want to talk to, I wear something with feathers. No matter how tightly the feathers are sewn in, I can always say, “Excuse me, I seem to be losing feathers,” and then I can go hide in the bathroom and play a couple of rounds of Candy Crush. Try it sometime.

anthropologie feather jumpsuit

SHOP – $295.00

Halter Top Maeve Disco Jumpsuit

You don’t need an invitation. When you’re wearing this jumpsuit, you are the party. Pair with a leather jacket to toughen up the look.

anthropologie maeve disco jumpsuit

SHOP – $180.00

Satin Cowl Neck Jumpsuit

This is the outfit you want to wear when you have a party that goes from 8 p.m. until ???, and then a bond hearing at 9 a.m. the next morning. Throw on a blazer, tie your hair in a ponytail, and turn in state’s evidence, darling.

h&m satin jumpsuit

SHOP – $49.99

Metallic Pleated Sleeveless Culotte Jumpsuit

Wear this to your reunion and ignore your high school nemesis all night long. They won’t be able to miss you, though. You’ll be the one shining bright, like a diamond.

lulu metallic pleated jumpsuit

SHOP – $78.00

Closet London Forest Green Tie Waist Jumpsuit

There are some jumpsuits that practically beg to be paired with a bunch of accessories. This version would look great with layers and layers of necklaces, in various lengths. I’d balance the necklaces by wearing tiny dot earrings, and a single, slim chain bracelet.

closet london forest green jumpsuit

SHOP – $111.00


What are you wearing to your next holiday party? Do you have a favorite cute holiday dress or jumpsuit from this list? Tell us in the comments below!

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