The Best Picnic Accessories For An Insta-Worthy Spread

Picnics are always a perfect go-to date, especially when the weather is nice and it is feeling like spring. They’re also great for a solo activity or a way to feed the kids on the go! While packing some PB&Js and juice boxes are the classic way, here are some picnic accessories you might want to round up to elevate your picnic experience!


Picnic Blanket

While it may not be the most aesthetic choice, a pocket blanket will let you bring your picnic setting anywhere. Whether you’ve hiked down next to a creek, you’re on the beach, or anywhere else — this blanket is waterproof and it also won’t take up a ton of space in your backpack, or you can keep it in your jacket pocket. My boyfriend and I have one of these and it makes picnicking on the go so much easier. You can find the perfect spot and picnic with a view! Another really convenient thing about this pocket blanket is that you can stake the corners into the ground so you don’t have to worry about it flying away! If you want to check out the pocket blanket you can find it here, or check out our other recommendations below.

Picnic Basket

There is nothing more Instagramabble than a classic picnic basket! Nothing says picnic like a wooden basket weave and red and white gingham! You could keep your picnic accessories in this basket and then use it for your photoshoot.

Cooler or Insulated Tote

While the classic picnic basket is adorable, it probably won’t keep your food at the correct temperature. If you’re planning on hiking a little bit to get to your destination, you’ll need an insulated bag or cooler to keep your food and drinks cool. There are so many different sizes and shapes to choose from, depending on the type of spread you’re looking to bring.

An Extra Blanket

Depending on the weather, you might want to bring an extra blanket so you can cozy up after eating. This is one you’d want to keep clean and off the ground, unlike the one you’ll be sitting on. Sometimes, blankets also come with carrying straps which will make them easier to carry to your destination.

Chairs or a Hammock

Depending on how long you’d like to stay, camping chairs or a hammock are great investments for picnics. We brought a hammock with us to the creek on our last picnic and it was a perfect way to relax after we finished eating. If you’re at the beach or somewhere with no trees, camping chairs are perfect to sit out and watch the waves.

Environmentally Friendly Cutlery Set

Whether it is biodegradable or reusable, you want to make sure that you’re using environmentally friendly cutlery! The need for plastic utensils and paper plates is in the past because we have way better options now! Make sure your plates and utensils are perfect for your picnic but won’t leave a mark on our Earth.

A Trash Bag or Portable Trash Can

If you’ll be enjoying the outdoors during your picnic, make sure you’re respecting them! Think ahead and bring something to put all of your trash into so you are leaving no trace behind! Sometimes, you can even leave it better than you found it, and pick up a few pieces of trash left behind by others.

Picnic Accessories

Nothing makes a picnic cuter than having the perfect accessories! Take along this PackIt Freezable Wine Bag, Pocket Uno or other tiny card games, and these Picnic Stix Wine Holder Set, to make your picnic picture perfect.

Spruce Up Your Picnic By Hiring A Professional!

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Picnic companies are getting pretty big and they are a great way to have a fancy picnic for a big event. Anniversary, birthday, or maybe a proposal coming up? Picnic companies like Picnic Pleasure or Pop Up Picnic can set up your perfect lunch or dinner date! Through a quick Google or Instagram search, you can find a picnic company in your area and start planning!


What essentials do you bring along on your picnics? Let us know below!

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