5 Helpful Tips On How To Take A Great Family Photo

With the holiday season quickly approaching, the idea of updating your family photos for those precious cards might already be on your mind. You know the cards I’m talking about…the ones with the perfect family photo in front, where everyone is coordinated and looking their best? Yep, those ones. 

Does the idea of obtaining that perfect photo stress you out so much you may want to forget doing it all together? Have no fear, we’re here to help!

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or new to the family photo game, we all could benefit from a few tips from an outside source. If it’s not for the idea of capturing the perfect photo, you may just want to feel a bit more prepared to make the most of your session with your photographer. Whatever your reason, implementing a few of our tips below may be able to give you peace of mind above all else. 

1. Find Your Photographer 

I know this seems like a basic and obvious one, but finding a photographer that best captures your aesthetic can be a bit of work. Do the research and look at local photographers in your area. Dive into social media, like Instagram, and search by looking at specific photographer hashtags in your local area. Seeing their portfolio of work before you approach them with a possible session gives you an opportunity to see what they can provide for you before working together.

Some photographers really specialize in capturing moments in natural settings, so find a photographer that will best capture the environment you are wanting to shoot in. Once you have located a few photographer options, reach out with availability and pricing inquiries. 

2. Plan Out The Outfits 

When it comes to taking a great family photo, you want the outfits everyone is wearing to complement but not overwhelm. The best way to do this is to pick one or two color palettes and mix them up in everyone’s outfit. That way, you can find pieces that complement each person’s specific body frame, while keeping the cohesive look in the finished photo. There is nothing worse than being forced into an outfit that doesn’t flatter you, or choosing a color that makes you feel washed out. Be sure to keep in mind everyone’s personal style when selecting the outfits. When they feel confident, it will create a better photo moment.

3. Bring Treats

Are you a parent of small children? Incentivize them with a treat or small prize at the end of the photo session. Not only will it eliminate a lot of the complaining, but you will get those genuine happy smiles with less force. Kids always work better when they know they will get rewarded at the end. Understand that the family photos are not something they will appreciate for quite some time, so bring something that they will see as beneficial to them. 

4. Be Open To The Real Moments 

Don’t get so caught up in capturing the perfect photo that you lose the personalities of the people in the photo. Sometimes capturing those candid moments make for the most heartwarming photos. Be sure to explain to your photographer your overall vision, but also include that you would like them to capture some candid moments that are not so rehearsed and posed. When it comes to children, they tend to take the best photos when they can just be themselves. Bring things that may make them smile or laugh so you can capture those not-so-forced happy moments.

5. Be Mindful Of Your Time 

When I say the holidays are just around the corner, I wasn’t kidding. In order to get your holiday cards sent out in a timely manner, these pictures must be taken a lot earlier than you would expect.

Once you choose your photographer and have an idea of location and wardrobe, get to setting up a session as soon as possible! After your photos have been edited and sent back to you, you can utilize your updated photos to create your holiday cards and send them to loved ones.


Will you use any of these tips on how to take a family photo for your holiday shoot? Tell us in the comments!

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