Fun Ways To Celebrate Your Zodiac Sign Through Jewelry

I love a good astrological sign necklace as much as anyone, I own several including a constellation necklace and a script style necklace that says “Leo” in handwriting. But lately, I’ve become really into subtlety and am loving showing my star sign some love in a different way. Specifically, I am super into lion themed jewelry right now (hello, where my Leo girls at?)

leo braceletleo bracelet

This large lion cuff bracelet is a true statement piece. It’s made of heavy brass with an old gold tone overlay and it’s from Yves Saint Laurent. While this is an archive piece and no longer available, I found one for sale on Ebay so you might be able to get this consignment or used.If you’re not a Leo, opt for a creative way to show your sign like the associated animal or symbol in a less obvious usage. 

leo earrings

I also found these affordable gold lion earrings from Vanessa Mooney which also make a bold Leo statement. She actually did a whole series with this lion motif including rings and smaller earrings as well. Everything from this line is well under $100 and most is under $70. Very affordable for a true designer look.

leo ring

This Gucci lion head ring is one of my favorite pieces EVER! I find I reach for it whenever I want to make a power move and it’s so regal and rich looking, Gucci definitely knows how to wow. This ring comes in multiple finishes and some have crystals in the lion’s mouth. There’s so much variation, I may need to buy a second one!

I’ve rounded up a sampling of some of my favorite Zodiac inspired pieces below. However you choose to express your star sign, it’s one of the things that is uniquely you and something to celebrate.


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