Past Life Regression Meditation — TikTok Trend Explained

Past Life Regression is a procedure involving mostly either hypnosis or meditation to retrieve information of one’s past life. It takes you on a journey to remember the life you lived before, and now it’s trending on TikTok.  According to an author who tried their own past life regression session, in order for it to work, “you have to accept the idea of pseudo-reincarnation or past lives, period, to get with it.” They add, “by accessing those memories and talking through them, past-life regression can help us confront issues in our current life.” 
Past Life
To sum it up, in the therapy sessions, the person undergoing therapy gets hypnotized and they’re encouraged to pay attention to the visions that come to them during that time. It all revolves around the theory that those visions will show you things that happened in your past life, and what or who your spirit was in a time before the life you are currently living now. Some practitioners believe this hypnosis is helpful as past life trauma can carry over to your current life, and going in and remembering your past life may be the only way to heal from that trauma.
Past Life
As a result all sorts of TikTok stars have been reacting to a particular video on YouTube, which you can watch HERE. They have talked about story times of who they were in the past or how well the meditation worked for them. Although scientists have objected to this phenomenon, as there is no proof that anything you may see while under hypnosis is true, it’s good for one to believe that there is more out there than we are aware of. And one of those things is past lives.


Do you believe in past lives? Have you ever tried this form of meditation before? Let us know in the comments!

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