Rebooting Your Fitness Routine: Advice From A Personal Trainer

As gyms have closed and ice cream is still widely accessible, you may be among those who have found themselves unable to squeeze into their pants lately, and getting a little off track with their workout routines. This pandemic has affected us on so many levels, including the way we exercise. In hopes to reinvigorate your routine, we’re bringing top personal trainer Ashley Aranda onto the blog to share some innovative ideas to get you out of your rut and back on track with your workout schedule, even amidst a pandemic. 


Question: What is the biggest need for people now who want to workout amidst the pandemic?

Answer: “The new and biggest need now for people who want to exercise is being able to do at-home workouts with minimal to no equipment. People want to still be active without a gym membership and need the tools of exercises and progressions that they can complete in the comfort of their own homes and their own time.”

Question: As Amazon is unable to ship weights and they’re virtually impossible to find in stores, what do you suggest we do for weight training exercises?

Answer: “The best way to progress workouts can be resistance bands and finding ways to use every day items in your house…filling a backpack with books or rocks, using jugs, chairs, etc. Just being able to accurately use your own body weight to the best of your abilities and add resistance when needed. Weights are great to have, but when not accessible there are other household items available if you just open your mind up to them.”

Question: Do you think big gyms will open anytime soon, or do we need to re-think our way of what it means to exercise?

Answer: “I think some big gyms have been able to open with regulations, but it is good to give people knowledge and tools if or when they want to work out outside of the gym. The more you know about how to keep active, the better, whether big gyms open up to normal again or not.”

Question: Can you give us some creative ways to workout and stay active but still remain “safe” in this pandemic?

Answer: “I’m not a doctor, so always be sure to check with your doctor if you have any real concerns about safety during COVID, but here’s some ideas I have to change up your indoor workout and get outside when it’s cool enough:

  1. Go on a run in a neighborhood with light foot traffic so you can still feel secluded and safe to breathe deeply. Wearing a face mask while running is not healthy, so it’s important to find areas where there’s not many people around and you can huff and puff when you need to.

  2. Have an accountability partner — work out outside with them. You can still stay 6 feet apart, but meet in person to keep accountability. Also if you’re single and want to invite friends into your fitness journey, you can meal prep together over FaceTime and share recipes to motivate each other and get excited. Studies show that you’re more successful in losing weight when you’re in a community with others.

  3. Find other ways to work out outside. Hiking, biking, high intensity workouts, benches at the park, stadium stairs, tracks, etc. Maybe do some research and find some local parks or less trafficked areas in your city, and create your own obstacle course. This is the time to be creative and explore!



We hope these tips and tricks have helped you rethink and reshape the way you workout. If you have any other creative ideas or want to share how you’ve been keeping in shape this season, please comment below!

Special thank you to Ashley Aranda for your expert insight! As a personal trainer for over a decade, Ashley has acquired the NASM CPT/ PES / CES credentials, and received a Bachelor degree in health science.

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