Bust A Quick Sweat With Our Favorite 10-Minute Home Workouts

We get it — COVID has seriously disrupted your going-to-the-gym routine. Even with all the time you’re probably spending at home, it can be difficult to fit in fitness between working from home, taking care of the kids, and trying to maintain sanity!

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, less than five percent of adults participate in daily physical activity. And the number one excuse for not being active? Time. 

That’s where these 12 10-minute at-home workouts can come in handy. Did you know that even just several minutes of sweat-inducing, heart-pumping exercise can enhance your overall well being and whip you into shape?

If you want to feel and look your best, here are our favorite workouts that can be done in 10 minutes or less in the comfort and privacy of your own home:


If You Like Yoga

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  1. Daily Yoga: It’s perfectly normal to not want to go to your weekly yoga class in the midst of a pandemic. However, with the Daily Yoga app, you can feel ohm-azing in the comfort and safety of your own home. Daily Yoga features more than 100 yoga and meditation classes that cater to people of all skill levels. They even have a 10-minute yoga session that can fit seamlessly into your morning routine.

  2. Yoga Wake Up: You’ve probably done yoga from the comfort of your own home, but have you ever done it from the comfort of your own bed? Yeah, I thought not. This easygoing yoga app is just another reason to delay getting out of bed in the morning. While you won’t be breaking a sweat, you’ll definitely feel better after an in-bed session. Follow along to the short audio-only sessions that include simple stretches and breath-work.

  3. Melissa Wood Health App: Best known for its low-impact workout techniques, this app combines Pilates and yoga for exercises that will definitely make you feel the burn. With over 100 different workouts to choose from, you’ll be able to sculpt a long, lean body in no time!

If You Need Extra Motivation

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  1. Butt Workout and Fitness: Want to tighten your tush in less than 10 minutes per day? This app effortlessly guides you through a series of booty-lifting exercises in only seven minutes. Follow the perky, ponytailed icon through the moves while a voice-over cheers you on.

  2. Seven App by Perigee: Want to make your quick home workouts into a game? Then give the Seven App by Perigee a go. It keeps you motivated by taking away “organs” and “lives” if you skip a day. Moreover, it offers a myriad of exercises, allows you to compete with friends, and tailors your workouts to your preferences.

  3. Aaptiv: If you get bored easily, this app’s long list of quick workout sessions will keep you captivated. With 30 new classes added weekly, you’ll always be able to look forward to something new. And whether you prefer yoga, running, or strength training, Aaptiv has got you covered.

  4. Sworkit: Promising “the workout you want with the time you have,” the Sworkit workout app enables users to personalize every program according to their goals, and also has five-minute and seven-minute workout sessions. With over 800 exercises, you’ll never get bored.

If You Like A Little Bit Of Everything

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  1. 7MWC: The 7 Minute Fitness Challenge is an innovative fitness approach that promises results with just seven minutes of intense exercise per day. Backed by actual scientific research, the app features 12 different exercises that you perform consecutively within a seven-minute time period. The catch is that you have to put your all into the workout, with very little rest between intervals. However, you can enjoy the benefits of an hour’s long workout and a boosted metabolism all within the time it takes to make your morning coffee.

  2. Johnson & Johnson 7 Minute Workout App: Looking for a free, customizable workout that delivers results? Then check out the Johnson & Johnson 7 Minute Workout App. Offering 12 different 30-second exercises, this beginner-friendly app also tracks your other daily movements and boasts 22 presets that you can personalize to your exact needs.

  3. HIIT Workouts by Daily Burn: Take your quick home workouts to the next level with this sweat-inducing app. With 10-, 20-, and 30-minute videos that guarantee to build endurance and burn calories swiftly, this app is ready when you are.

  4. You Are Your Own Gym: Lacking exercise equipment? Don’t fret! You can work out by using your own bodyweight with this amazing app. Loaded with over 200 different exercises, this app keeps boredom at bay!

If you’re ready to start shedding pounds and feeling your best right from your own bedroom, try one of these 12 quick home workouts today!

Here are a few products you may want to add to your home workout arsenal if you’re just getting started:



We hope you found an app that you could incorporate into your daily fitness routine. What are your favorite quick home workouts? Let us know in the comments below!

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