These 7 Running How-Tos Will Have You Signing Up For A Marathon In No Time

Have you always wanted to be a runner, but never quite knew where to begin? Maybe you’ve tried running before and, for whatever reason, it didn’t end up finding a spot in your daily routine.
Ditch the excuses and fear; now is the best time to start! The weather is gorgeous as the seasons are changing, and fall is arguably the best season to be outside enjoying nature. Today, we’ve partnered with our friends at Vivid Running to put together this amazing guide that will start your running journey off on the right foot.


From the Founders

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Meet Bobby Milioto:

My passion for running has followed me all over the world. As a United States Navy Veteran, I was lucky enough to see some of the most beautiful places on Earth. Through it all, running has always been a part of me. Whenever I found myself struggling with the stresses of life, I’d put my gear on and just run. For over 15 years I have stayed dedicated to the art of running, whether it was for my high school cross country and track teams, competing in races with my family cheering me on through the finish line, or simply finding my peace on a solo run.
I try to stay disciplined with a great nutrition plan, dynamic workout routine and most importantly, a clear mind. I love helping individuals find their purpose in running. I find satisfaction in seeing people get motivated to improve their way of life; it shows that we all have a force driving us to be better versions of ourselves. Once we find it, we are limitless.

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Meet Monir Milioto:

I grew up putting limitations on myself; I created excuses that weren’t serving me. Looking at who I am now, I am thankful for the moments in my life that lit a fire under me and changed the trajectory for the rest of my life.
I classified myself as a “Never Runner.” I would look at these powerful, strong individuals that pushed the boundaries of their bodies and believe that I did not fit that mold, and that running did not fit my fitness regime, nor my “body type.” It was something that I could not live up to. After years of working on my spiritual journey, I found myself asking, “Why?” Why could I not be one of those athletes? All I needed to do was move one leg in front of the other. 
Today, I am a runner! I hold the same fire and passion for my strength as any of the “powerful beings” that I so long admired. I display more mental clarity, a drive that forces me to never give up on myself, and a gratitude to my once broken body that holds me up when my brain tells me to stop. My heart knows I can keep going!

The Top Benefits of Running

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    • Boosts confidence
    • Relieves stress
    • Has the ability to eliminate depression
      • The brain secretes endorphins while running, which are hormones that naturally improve overall mood.
    • Creates a positive community to join
      • Runners have one goal in mind: positive progression.
      • Joining a runner’s community allows new runners to share their accomplishments with individuals who share the same goals. They appreciate when personal milestones are reached.
    • Increases lung capacity, which lessens the effects of asthma, and helps strengthen lungs and ward off bronchial disease.
    • Improves joint strength & stability, helping build stronger bones.
    • Stimulates bone formation
    • Boosts energy levels
    • Strengthens all of your muscles including your heart, which improves:
      • Blood pressure
      • Weight loss
      • Lowers cholesterol and blood sugar
      • Reduces cardiovascular disease
    • Promotes better brain performance, better mood, and better sleep.

The How-To Guide for Beginning Runners

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Choose the right footwear

Loose shoes can cause blisters, because there’s too much space for the foot to move. Tight shoes can result in foot pain and shin splints. The “sweet spot” allows the toes to stretch while keeping the heel locked in the back.

Create a motivating playlist

A great playlist can inspire increased efforts and give you the extra boost needed to finish up the run. Running to the tempo of a song can also keep a steady, consistent pace and can keep strides in a good rhythm.

Fuel your body well

Avoid fatty, heavy foods. Carbs are your friend before a run, as they give the body energy, and supply it with a fuel source to finish the run. My favorite snack is black coffee, toast with peanut butter, and a handful of gummy bears. After your run, fill your body with beneficial foods and supplements; my favorite post-run meal is a shake with banana, blueberries, strawberries, kale, spinach, coconut water, and tart cherry juice. And of course, water is your friend!

Plan out your run

Getting lost during a run is the worst feeling, especially if you don’t know how far you are from home. Stay in areas that are familiar until your endurance and distance capabilities increase.

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Focus on form

Keep your arms low and shoulders as relaxed as possible. Do not ball your fists. Instead, I like to connect my pointer and middle fingers to my thumbs. A tense body rids the airways to receive oxygen and uses unnecessary muscles needed for the run. Remember, when running uphill, lean forward and take shorter, faster strides. When running downhill, lean back slightly, controlling your body down the hill. A common mistake runners make is thinking downhill is the time to go all out. Rather, this is your time to give your legs a break.

Warm up/Cool down

Injuries are often caused when the athlete skips the stretch. Warm up the body first with a quick run; I like to do a mile at a very slow pace. This also lets you get a rhythm before your actual run to see how your body feels. Stretch your legs, calves, quads and hamstrings, and do not forget your shoulders and back. After your workout, do another quick run to shut the body down before your last cool down stretch.


Getting good sleep allows your body to recover, especially your legs. When you sleep, your body produces growth hormones which stimulate muscle growth and repair, and boosts your immune system. Create a consistent sleep schedule to ensure you are getting enough rest.


We hope this guest post inspired you today! Are you a runner? Do you want to be? Let us know below!

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About Vivid Running

If this brief beginner’s guide to running inspired you, you can reach out to the amazing founders, Bobby and Monir Milioto, at Vivid Running for more information. Let’s do this together!

Facebook: @vividrunninginc

Instagram: @vividrunninginc



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