Maximize Your At-Home Workout With These Products

My favorite way to get in my daily exercise is to get outside- I love hiking and long walks with my pups the most and do this almost every day and I also like to bike around my neighborhood. But when the weather isn’t cooperating with my love of the outdoors, I get my exercise indoors. We are working on plans to build a new gym and I’ve had to take a look at my gym equipment and think about what I actually use and what I want to include in the new gym space. So here are the pieces of gym equipment in our gym I ACTUALLY use:



peloton bike


Peloton Bike

My daughter loves the Peloton classes, but I’m a bigger fan of the scenic rides. I can travel the world all from home on my Peloton while getting a great workout. I have a short attention span and seeing somewhere I haven’t been before keeps me on the bike for far longer than I would stay otherwise. I bought the essentials package which is what I would recommend. It’s very expensive so make sure you try it out at a gym first to make sure it’s a good fit for you before you commit.


the db method


The DB Method

This squat machine seems at first too easy, but it’s all about your stance and positioning. Once you get the hang of it and make sure you’re positioned correctly, it burns- you’ll feel it in your booty immediately. The workouts only take about 10 minutes and I am super sore after. I’m obsessed.




Stealth Core Trainer – A New and Fun Way To Plank

Again, I have a short attention span. I can hold a plank for a really long time stamina wise- it’s the restlessness that gets me. SO when I found this plank game by Stealth, I was sold. It uses an app on your cell phone and a balance board you hold with your hands to make holding a plank more challenging and definitely more fun.



TheraBand Resistance Bands Set

I like the open ended resistance bands much better than the loop ones- i like to hold both ends and use them for stretching. I work on my flexibility this way or add extra resistance to a stretch routine. These are among the best I’ve found at a very reasonable price.

I recently discovered the softest leggings ever in the cutest patterns from a brand called Varley. Their line of athleisure and leisure wear is perfect for lounging around the house, working from home, working out, or running around town tackling your errand list in style.

varley varley leggings

They are the softest material- you will not want to take them off. Their prints are super on trend- marbles, snakeskins, leopard. The two piece sets would have anyone want to be in the front row of barre class. The best part- they are actually reasonably priced, can you imagine? Now if they would just add a cell phone pocket for girls like me who like to keep it close. Browse through some pieces I selected from Varley’s collection below:

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