A Weekend Getaway in Getaway House

Since the coronavirus lockdown, I’ve been lamenting the inability to travel probably the most. I’m used to lots of weekend getaways and longer trips several times a year, so being stuck in the house for months felt very odd and a bit confining. We couldn’t wait until there was a safe way for us to escape and feel that familiar rush of exhilaration again as we hit the road for a new destination. Imagine how excited I was when I discovered Getaway House and their tiny cabins in the forest- isolated from potential virus exposure but also a tranquil escape from home!!


The Reservation Process

We reserved our cabins online in advance and since it wasn’t possible to reserve two cabins online, I reached out to customer support and got a response right away. Molly was super nice and helped me get two cabins reserved for the same night so the kids could join us for our getaway- she even made sure to note we would be bringing our pups along (for a small additional fee). A few days before we left I got an email with all the info I needed including directions, what to pack, what to expect and how to get entry to our cabin- contactless, of course!

Traveling To The Getaway House

getaway house

The cabins are located in Running Springs, about an hour and twenty minutes from our home in Orange County. Getaway House has ten locations nationwide but these are the closest to our home. We packed some BBQ essentials and pajamas and hit the road. I could feel my worries and stress melt away as soon as the first pine trees started to appear and before you know it we were pulling up in front of our tiny home cabin. The views from each cabin are incredible with alternating mountain top, forest tree canopy, and lakeside views from your floor to ceiling window. Each cabin is stocked with everything you need- firewood, basic food provisions, linens, pots and pans, dishes- everything. The cabins have queen beds (either one or two depending on number of guests) and a bathroom with a shower. There’s even an outlet with USB port for phone charging. 

Getaway House Activities

getaway house scenery

We settled in and got our bearings, then headed out on the walking path that is adjacent to the cabins for a hike. The wildflowers and forest were so peaceful and absolutely breathtaking- we didn’t see a single other person on our walk. The dogs were in complete heaven smelling all the new nature smells and chasing squirrels. Once we arrived back at our campsite we started the fire and BBqed some hamburgers and hotdogs on the provided grill, mixed up a salad and had a nice dinner on the picnic table outside. As the sun went down, we switched from dinner to wine and s’mores and waited for the stars to come out. With not a cloud in the sky we could see a full show of stars above and also out of our panoramic windows in the cabin.

getaway house

In the morning we made breakfast in the small kitchenette inside the cabin while the dogs explored the edges of the lake and took another walk before packing up and reluctantly heading back home.

It was an easy and restful trip to nature and we cannot wait to come back. It’s the perfect getaway for a night or a weekend- family friendly but also great for couples. 
What are some of your upcoming getaway plans?


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