Skincare Fridge – Is it a Want or a Need?

Beauty fridge, makeup fridge, skincare fridge… whatever you want to call it, chilling your skincare and beauty products is a major trend right now and these adorable little fridges have been making an appearance in pretty much every discovery feed. So what exactly is the deal with this new item? Is it something you actually need?
skincare fridge skincare fridge
According to experts, the main purpose of a skincare fridge is nothing more than its aesthetic appeal (or the “wow” factor). So to put it simply, you don’t need it and here’s why:
Skincare and beauty products go through rigorous testing during the manufacturing process. This includes stability testing where the ingredients are exposed to varying temperatures and light conditions to ensure that the product remains effective and works as intended after being purchased by consumers. So keeping your products cool doesn’t make it any more effective or increase its benefits, specifically products like serums and oils that actually become more ineffective because they can solidify when chilled.
However, skincare products should not be kept in warm temperatures so storing certain ingredients in the fridge, like vitamin C and retinol, may help stabilize them and increase shelf life.
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On the other hand, some products can be more enjoyable when applied after they’re chilled. These products include facial moisturizers, aloe vera based products, sheet masks, eye creams, and jade or rose quartz beauty tools. This is especially great for depuffing the skin and reducing swelling and redness in the morning.

The Verdict:

Is a skincare fridge necessary? No, but if you own enough counter space in your bathroom and a convenient outlet to power your skincare fridge, and desire a cooling sensation for your face in the mornings, then you might enjoy having a chilled environment for your beloved skincare products.

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