How I Found A Natural High With Kundalini Yoga

Each day I would wake up and reach for my pills. Deep down, I knew I needed to quit. Ultimately, they were blocking me from being the best version of myself. But I was worried that without them I would never be as energized, productive or confident. Every night I prayed for a solution to get out of the vicious cycle I was in.
One morning, I found myself inspired to do a yoga video. This was not out of the ordinary, but this time, I chose a kundalini yoga practice. Within 3 minutes, I started feeling more myself. It was unlike any other yoga class I’d done in the past. Natural energy ignited every cell of my being. My breath deepened as I became more relaxed, yet awake at the same time. You could say I was high on my own energy. Finally, I had found the answer I was looking for.

“Kundalini yoga gave me my life back, and because of this, I want to share it with as many people as possible.”

After that experience, I was hooked on kundalini yoga. Shortly after, I became certified to teach. I started with at least 3 minutes of meditation per day and gradually increased my practice to around 45 minutes. Within 6 months, I was completely off prescription pills. Today, I can honestly say I’ve never felt happier. Kundalini yoga gave me my life back, and because of this, I want to share it with as many people as possible.
Kundalini yoga is the fastest and most powerful form of yoga. It roughly translates to “the yoga of awareness” and is used to access elevated states of consciousness in a short amount of time — as little as 30 seconds. It’s different from other forms of yoga in that there is a more concentrated focus on breath work, mantra and meditation rather than just the physical postures. With kundalini yoga, there’s nothing to believe in. Rather, there’s a unique experience to be had by each person who practices it.
kundalini yoga
Anyone can practice kundalini yoga. It doesn’t require a certain body type, age or background. All you need is a teacher. It’s important to remember that it’s better to go deep than wide. Doing the same practice 3 minutes per day is more beneficial than doing something different each day. Consistency is key. Every time you revisit the practice, your relationship with that particular teaching grows. It’s said that after 40 days of doing the same meditation, you’ll be able to break a habit or achieve your specific goal.
There are kundalini practices for everything. Whether you’re looking to make more money, get into a romantic relationship, or break a bad habit, there is a teaching designed to help you create those results. This form of yoga is not just for flexibility; it’s an ancient spiritual technology to help you awaken to your full potential. If you’re sick of searching outside of yourself for answers, I recommend trying kundalini yoga to find what you need inside of yourself.


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kundalini yoga

About Greta Ertl

Greta Ertl is a Kundalini Yoga Teacher and the co-creator of FIRM On Demand — a virtual fitness platform that offers kundalini yoga and meditation classes as well as 14 other class types. She is dedicated to sharing the teachings of kundalini yoga with as many people as possible.
You can find her at or on Instagram.

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