Work From Home? These Unique Desks Will Help You Feel More Active

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I’ve been working from home for over a year and a half, and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. When I first started on this career path, I was sitting for hours on end. My energy was low, I was feeling pretty bored and my health wasn’t the best. Eventually, I came around and got a gym membership so I could have somewhere to go to get out of the house and get active, but that doesn’t squash the hours I’m sitting on my computer. If you feel like you’re always sitting while you’re working and would rather get moving — here are some options for you.


Standing Desks


standing desks

FEZIBO Dual Motor Height Adjustable Standing Desk

This desk is adjustable so you can sit at it in your desk chair, or you can turn it into a standing desk. You don’t need to completely reconstruct the desk, either — it has a quiet and strong motor that adjusts the height for you. Not to mention, it’s cute and has a drawer on the bottom for extra storage.

SHOP NOW – $284.99

Babin Height Adjustable Standing Desk

Similarly, this standing desk is adjustable as well! A cool aspect about this option is that it can be programmed to remember three of your favorite heights! And the glass surface can be used as a dry erase board, so you can jot down your thoughts with ease.

SHOP NOW – $509.99

standing desks

Portable Desks


portable desks

Zero Home Height Adjustable Standing Desk

This bad boy comes on wheels so you can glide it around the house with you when you need a change of scenery. Want to sit on your bed or the couch? No problem. Want to stand? Also, no problem. It’s also pretty small which makes the on-the-go moves even easier.

SHOP NOW – $65.99

Adjustable Standing Laptop Tray

This laptop tray is adjustable and one side can even be lifted in a slant. Are your wrists tired from typing at an awkward angle? I’ve been there and this angle can really help if you’re experiencing any form of carpal tunnel as well. This desk will also allow you to get a change of scenery — a little work picnic outside? Yes, please!

SHOP NOW – $37.99

portable desks

portable desk

Adjustable Super Storage Lapdesk

This lap desk is super comfortable due to the big cushion, and it provides you with the ability to sit wherever you want to. I love lap portable desks because I can sit in my living room on the couch, in my bedroom on my bed, or about anywhere else in my house. This also has so much storage with a small, medium, and a large compartment inside.

SHOP NOW – $68.99

Exercise Workstation Desks


Folding Treadmill Desk

Now, THIS is what I need. I love walking on the treadmill but I have to be doing something in order to stay on for a long time, so this is a win-win. Work on your projects while walking at the same time! It has a cup holder and a bluetooth speaker too — what else do you need? This desk also folds up to be pretty small and is easily storable.

SHOP NOW – $369.99

workout desk

workout desk

Under Desk Elliptical

We’re bringing it back to the basics with this one. I remember my mom had one of these when she worked an office job. This one is a great option because you can stay seated while getting in a workout at the same time. You can also change the resistance with a tap of your foot!

SHOP NOW – $179.99

Bike Desk

This bike desk is small and compact and could be the perfect way to get some exercise in. It’s also adjustable and silent, so it won’t distract you from your work. It can be adjusted into a higher or lower position depending on your bike preferences, or if you want to switch it up and get in a different type of workout!

SHOP NOW – $259.99

workout desk


How do you stay active while working from home? What desk do you use? Let us know in the comments below!

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