TikTok Convinced Us To Buy These 5 Products And We Put Them To The Test

tiktok made me buy it
It’s that time of the month where we put TikTok-recommended products to the test. TikTok never has a shortage of awesome recommendations for all things beauty, fashion, home, and more! But do these products really deliver, or are they just hype? If you’ve seen any of these products circulating around on TikTok, you’ll want to read our honest reviews.
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Let’s get into October’s TikTok Made Me Buy It!


arc teeth whitening pen
ARC Teeth Whitening Pen
I saw a really dramatic TikTok of a girl using the Arc Teeth Whitening Pen. The results seemed instantaneous; it made her teeth look noticeably whiter in a matter of minutes. I kind of forgot about it after scrolling away until my friend and I were at Target and she brought it up. When we went looking for it we found it was sold out, which made us want it even more! Well after a few weeks of no luck, I finally got my hands on one and was super excited to try it out. I have to say, the initial results were super underwhelming but the packaging explains that the product should be used for 14 consecutive days before seeing results.
SHOP - $20
oral rinse
TheraBreath Healthy Smile Oral Rinse
I’m obsessed with mouthwash. It feels like the finishing touch after I brush my teeth. I’m not really a Listerine type of girl -- it's way too strong for me! I lean more toward alcohol-free rinses, and when I came across this new brand on TikTok, I thought it would be worth a try. It’s super light and honestly really refreshing! They also have a variety of ‘flavors’.
SHOP - $21
candle plate warmer
Flameless Candle Plate Warmer
We had high expectations for this product. Not everyone can enjoy the pleasure of having a lit-flame candle going, and sometimes we forget to blow them out before leaving the house. After leaving a candle on the hot plate for multiple hours, the candle hadn’t even melted half way. It was underwhelming. This product might work best for families with children present; otherwise, I wouldn’t bother.
SHOP - $12.43
Led light mask
DMH Aesthetics LED Light Shield Face Mask
This mask caught our attention on TikTok when we saw the dramatic results it had on a girl's acne scars. There is nothing more annoying than acne scars. Especially with the intense sun we’ve been having, our skin needs all the help it can get. This futuristic-feeling mask uses light technology to heal and resurface your skin. The price tag seems a bit hefty; however, we think this one might be worth the splurge.
SHOP - $190
mini vacuum cleaner
Mini Vacuum Cleaner
This mini vacuum is the cutest! It is ideal for picking up small messes quickly and efficiently. I personally think it is perfect to keep at your work desk, or in your car. Instead of sweeping the crumbs onto the floor, just pull out your mini vacuum! Plug it in to charge, and empty it out with ease.
SHOP - $11.98
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