Fall Soups Are Now In Season — Here Are Our 7 Favorites To Make

You know it’s autumn when you start craving a nice, steaming bowl of soup. We adore soup and might even go so far as to call ourselves connoi-soupers. Okay, maybe not that far, but you get the point. Here are some of our favorite soups that will have you cozy all fall long.


Pressure Cooker Sausage Soup 

Thanks to Typical Mom for this recipe!

fall soup


  • 1 lb. of sausage

  • ½ an onion (diced)

  • 16 oz. of Northern beans (dry or canned)

  • 6 cups of water 

  • 4 cups of chicken broth

  • 28 oz. of crushed tomatoes

  • 1 Tbsp of garlic

  • 1 tsp of oregano

  • ¼ tsp of salt

  • ½ cup of parmesan cheese

  • 3 cups of kale


1. If you’re using the dry Northern beans, put them in your Instant Pot with 6 cups of water and set it to the bean setting for 60 minutes. “Quick release,” drain, and set aside. If you’re using canned beans you can skip this step.

2. Set your pressure cooker to “sauté” and add some olive oil, sausage, and diced onion to the pot. Cook until the sausage is no longer pink, then turn the pot off. 

3. Add spices and stir everything together, then pour in the can of crushed tomatoes, beans, and chicken broth. Continue to stir the mixture.  

4. Cut the stems off the fresh kale and cut them into chunks. Add them to the mixture as well.  

5. Put the mixture into the pressure cooker and push it down into the liquid. Gently mix it until it’s submerged. Close the lid and steam valve. 

6. Set the Instant Pot to high pressure for 10 minutes. 

7. “Quick release” and serve with a sprinkle of parmesan cheese.

Healthy Turkey Chili Recipe

Thanks to Kristine’s Kitchen for this recipe!

turkey chili soup


  • 1 Tbsp of olive oil 

  • 1 cup of chopped onion 

  • 1 lb. of lean ground turkey

  • 4 cloves of garlic (minced)

  • 1 Tbsp of brown sugar

  • 2 Tbsp of chili powder

  • 1 Tbsp of ground cumin 

  • 1 tsp of dried oregano 

  • ½ tsp of salt

  • ¼ tsp of black pepper

  • 3 Tbsp of tomato paste

  • 2 cups of low sodium chicken broth 

  • 28 oz. of fire-roasted crushed tomatoes 

  • 1 15 oz. can of kidney beans (rinsed and drained)

  • 1 15 oz. can of black beans (rinsed and drained)

  • 1 15 oz. can of pinto beans (rinsed and drained)

  • Shredded cheese, sour cream, and plain Greek yogurt for the topping


1. Heat the olive oil in a Dutch oven or a large pot over medium-high heat. Add the onion and cook for 2 minutes until it starts to soften. Add the ground turkey and cook, stirring to crumble the meat until the turkey is cooked through — about 5 minutes. Add the garlic and cook, stirring for 30 seconds. 

2. Stir in the brown sugar, chili powder, cumin, oregano, salt, pepper, and tomato paste. Add the broth and stir, scraping up any bits from the bottom of the pot. Finally, stir in the crushed tomatoes and beans. 

3. Bring the soup to a boil, then reduce the heat to low and simmer for 1-2 hours, stirring occasionally. Cover the chili during the first part of the cooking time, then uncover during the last 30 minutes to thicken. 

4. Serve chili with toppings, as desired.

Instant Pot Vegetable Soup

Thanks to Crunchy Creamy Sweet for this recipe!

fall soup


  • 1 Tbsp of olive oil 

  • 5 garlic cloves (minced)

  • 1 medium yellow onion (chopped)

  • 5 white mushrooms (washed and sliced)

  • 2 cups of cauliflower florets

  • 2 carrots (peeled and chopped)

  • 2 celery stalks (chopped)

  • 1 + ½ cups of chopped zucchini 

  • 3 cups of chopped cabbage

  • 1 15 oz. can of red kidney beans (drained and rinsed)

  • 1 15 oz. can of diced tomatoes 

  • 4 cups of low sodium vegetable or chicken stock

  • 1 bay leaf

  • 1 tsp of Italian seasoning 

  • ½ tsp of ground paprika 

  • ½ tsp of black pepper

  • ½ tsp of salt 

  • 1 Tbsp of lemon juice or apple cider vinegar

  • ¼ tsp of cayenne pepper

  • ½ tsp of turmeric


1. Chop the onion, carrots, and celery. Mince the garlic and slice the mushrooms. Set the vegetables aside. 

2. Press the “sauté” button on your Instant Pot. Add the olive oil to the stainless steel insert and wait 2 minutes for it to preheat. 

3. Add the garlic and onion to the Instant Pot. Sauté them and stir often until the onion has softened. Add the mushrooms and sauté for 2 minutes until they’re fragrant.

4. Turn the Instant Pot off and add in the remaining ingredients. 

5. Place the lid on the pressure cooker and make sure the valve is set to “sealing.” Press the “soup” setting and set the timer for 12 minutes. 

6. Once the Instant Pot is done, it will beep. Let the pressure release naturally for about 5 minutes, then “quick release” any remaining pressure by carefully switching the valve to “venting.” 

7. Carefully remove the lid and set it aside. 

8. Stir the soup and let it cool slightly before serving.

Crock Pot Cream Cheese Chicken Chili

Thanks to Rita’s Recipes for this recipe!

fall soup


  • 2 chicken breasts (still frozen)

  • 1 can of Rotel tomatoes

  • 1 can of corn kernels (don’t drain)

  • 1 can of black beans (drained and rinsed)

  • 1 package of Ranch dressing mix

  • 1 Tbsp of cumin

  • 1 tsp of chili powder

  • 1 tsp of onion powder

  • 1 8-oz. package of cream cheese


1. Put the chicken in the crock pot and top with tomatoes, corn, beans, ranch dressing, cumin, onion, and chili powder. Stir to combine then top with cream cheese. 

2. Cook on low for 6-8 hours, stirring once or twice to blend in the cheese. 

3. Shred the chicken into large pieces and serve over rice or with tortilla chips. 

Instant Pot Carrot Ginger Soup

Thanks to PureWow for this recipe!

carrot ginger soup


  • Extra virgin olive oil (as needed)

  • 1 medium onion (chopped)

  • 2 garlic cloves (minced)

  • One 1-inch piece of fresh ginger (peeled and minced)

  • 1 pound of carrots (peeled and roughly chopped)

  • Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper (as needed)

  • 32 ounces of vegetable or chicken stock or water

  • One 13-ounce can of coconut milk

  • Coconut yogurt and cilantro (for serving)


1. In an Instant Pot, add enough olive oil to coat the bottom of the pot. Select “sauté” and add the onion once the oil is hot. Cook, stirring occasionally until the onion is soft and translucent — about 5 minutes. Add the garlic and ginger, then cook until fragrant — about 2 more minutes. 

2. Add the carrots to the Instant Pot and season with salt and pepper. Stir in the stock, secure the lid, and seal the pressure release valve. Select the “pressure cook” setting at “High Pressure” and set the cooking time to 10 minutes. 

3. When the timer goes off, “quick release” the pressure valve, then carefully remove the lid. Use an immersion blender to blend until the soup is smooth and creamy. 

4. Once the soup is pureed, stir in the coconut milk and taste for seasoning. Serve with a drizzle of coconut yogurt and cilantro if desired.

Cozy Autumn Wild Rice Soup

Thanks to Gimme Some Oven for this recipe!

fall soups


  • 6 cups of vegetable stock 

  • 1 cup of uncooked wild rice

  • 8 oz. of baby bella mushrooms (sliced)

  • 4 cloves of garlic (minced)

  • 2 medium carrots (diced)

  • 2 ribs of celery (diced)

  • 1 large sweet potato (peeled and diced)

  • 1 small white onion (peeled and diced)

  • 1 bay leaf

  • 1 + ½ Tbsp of Old Bay seasoning

  • 1 can of unsweetened coconut milk

  • 2 large handfuls of kale (roughly chopped with thick stems removed)

  • Fine sea salt 

  • Freshly-cracked black pepper


1. Combine the vegetable stock, wild rice, mushrooms, garlic, carrots, celery, sweet potato, onion, bay leaf, and Old Bay seasoning in the Instant Pot bowl.

2. Cover and cook on manual (high pressure) for 25 minutes. Let the Instant Pot rest and naturally release the pressure for 10 minutes. Then carefully open the vent and “quick release” the remaining pressure. Remove the lid and discard the bay leaf.

3. Add the coconut milk and kale to the soup, then stir until fully combined. Taste and season with salt and pepper and extra Bay Seasoning as needed.

4. Serve warm and enjoy!

Sweet Potato Miso Soup

Thanks to Simply LaKita for this recipe!

sweet potato soup


  • 1 Tbsp of sesame oil

  • 1 Tbsp of fresh ginger (grated)

  • 4-5 green onions (sliced thinly)

  • 3 oz. of white miso paste

  • 3 sweet potatoes (peeled and chopped)

  • 3 cups of water

  • 1 + ½ cups of chicken broth

  • Salt and pepper to taste

  • 2 tsp of sesame seeds

  • ½ tsp of red pepper flakes


1. In a large saucepan over medium-high heat, add the sesame oil until heated. Add the grated ginger and half of the sliced green onions. Cook for 2 minutes. 

2. Add the miso paste and the sweet potatoes and stir to combine. 

3. Add the water and the chicken broth and bring it to a boil. Reduce the heat to low, cover, and simmer for 10-15 minutes until the sweet potato is fork-tender. Season with salt and pepper to taste. 

4. Carefully remove the soup from the heat and use an immersion blender to blend until smooth. Serve hot or chilled and top with the remaining green onion slices. Garnish with sesame seeds and red pepper flakes if you want!


Soup’s on! We’re so excited to welcome fall with these wonderful recipes. Which was your favorite? What recipes would you like to see from us in the future? Comment below!

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