I Tested TikTok’s Viral Vacuum, And My Results Will Shock You

Few experiences are more satisfying than watching something absolutely disgusting get cleaned right before your eyes. I know whenever I clean a piece of furniture or a carpet that’s needed cleaning for a while, it’s a therapeutic experience. So when I saw the Bissell Little Green blow up on TikTok, I knew I had to try it. We have a few carpets in my house that have never been deep cleaned, and we got a lot of our furniture on the cheap from Goodwill. 


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While I was shopping around for this bad boy, I decided to opt for the Bissell Little Green ProHeat (the more portable Little Green I linked above was out of stock everywhere I looked, and still is). The only difference between this one and the one that blew up on TikTok is that the ProHeat isn’t super portable — it always needs to be plugged in, and it’s a bit bigger. So if you want to clean something without an outlet nearby (like your car), go grab the Bissell Little Green (if you can find it!). If you want something bigger and slightly more powerful, the ProHeat may be your best option. Keep reading for my full review!

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How Does It Work?

My Bissell Little Green ProHeat came with everything I needed, including a little bottle of Bissell’s boost solution. It was super easy to put together and get up and running. There are two tanks on the Bissell — one gets filled with water and solution (which has measurement lines so you don’t have to guess how much goes in!) and the other gets the dirty water deposited into it. 


I’m not joking when I say I cleaned everything in my house the day the vacuum arrived — couches, chairs, carpets, even my mattress! And let me just tell you, it was the single greatest cleaning experience I’ve ever had. I like that you can see the water being sucked up by the vacuum, because as gross as it can look, I knew I was done when the water came up clear.

Testing the Bissell Little Green ProHeat

By the time I did this little experiment, I was super confident my new little best friend could get out any and every stain — so confident, in fact, that I poured coffee on my carpet for you. And I let it soak in and left it for two days. 

Then I turned on my Little Green and sprayed that stain all over with the solution. I didn’t even let the solution soak in — I just vacuumed it right up. And the whole stain came up in just one swipe of the vacuum brush. In fact, that little square of carpet looks cleaner than the rest of my carpet! To say this vacuum is amazing would be an understatement.

But I wasn’t impressed yet — the coffee stain didn’t “wow” me like I hoped it would. So I took it a step further. I’m talking red wine, baby.

Yes, I poured red wine on my carpet and let it soak for a bit before going all ProHeat on it. Below you can see the carpet after one go with the vacuum and again after a second go-over. I let the solution sit for about 5 minutes before I went over it a second time.

Voila! The stain was gone. And I mean seriously gone. The only way I could tell where that stain was is because, yet again, that section of my carpet is cleaner than the areas around it.

Final Thoughts

Obviously I’m enamored with this little machine. Whether you want to take your furniture from uh oh to oh yes in a matter of minutes or you just have a few stubborn stains to get out, I’m 100% confident that the Bissell Little Green ProHeat (and the more portable Bissell Little Green) can get the job done. 

Shop the Bissell Little Green ProHeat here!


Have you tried the Bissell Little Green or the ProHeat yet? What are your thoughts? Is there another wet vac you love? Let us know in the comments!

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