Awesome Cleaning Hacks You’ve Never Heard Of Before That Work

We’ve all been there — there’s that thing in your house that’s just aching to be cleaned, but you don’t have the right product for it, nor do you want to buy it. That’s when a little creativity comes into play! We’re about to introduce you to six cleaning hacks that you probably haven’t heard of before that actually work. You can skip the fancy cleaning solutions — these hacks use household and kitchen items you probably already have lying around! Ready to get resourceful? Read on to learn more!


Hack 1: Kitchenware Stain Removal

Have a stained wine decanter or coffee pot? Maybe some stained wine glasses with red wine marks? Use denture cleaning tablets to make them look brand new. No, I’m not joking. Dissolve a denture cleaning tablet in water and then pour into whatever stained container you’re cleaning. Let it sit overnight and then dry it with a microfiber cloth, and it’ll be good as new! This trick is also great for severely stained toilet bowls or sinks.

 Hack 2: Brighten Stainless Steel

Are your stainless steel appliances looking dull after cleaning them with window or multi-purpose cleaner? There’s no need to buy specialty products — simply place a few drops of olive oil or baby oil on a microfiber cloth and buff the stainless steel until it shines!

Hack 3: Whiten and Clean

Use an old toothbrush and whitening toothpaste to clean and brighten grout in the bathroom, or even to make white sneakers look brand new. Never throw away your old toothbrushes, they are fantastic for cleaning hard to reach areas!

Cleaning Hacks

Hack 4: Clear Dust

Got dusty blinds or ceiling fan blades? You don’t need to purchase a special dusting wand. Put an old tube sock over your hand, spray with dusting spray and slide down the length of the blinds or blades. Easy peasy!

Hack 5: Line Your Fridge

Prevention is easier than cleaning up later — line your fridge veggie drawers with paper towels or kitchen towels. When they get messy, just lift out the liners and toss or wash.

Hack 6: Remove Scuff Marks

We all love the Magic Eraser, right? Well, did you know it can remove paint scuff marks on your car from minor accidents? It will also make patio furniture look like new and can remove mineral deposit rings from your pool tile. 
Another general cleaning tip is to keep things closest to where you use them. For example — each bathroom should have its own toilet brush tucked just behind the bowl. No more carrying around dripping, germy brushes on cleaning day!

Have any cleaning hacks up your sleeve? Share with us in the comments below!

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