Moms, You Deserve To Treat Yourself To These 15 Cozy Finds

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Dear moms, you do a lot. Especially around the holidays. You’re hauling around the kids, buying all the presents, decorating the house, cooking the meals, wrapping the presents, baking the cookies, hosting the family…wow. First off, go you! Second, it’s time to treat yourself.

Is there any better way to treat yourself in the winter than by snuggling up in something cozy? Nope, I don’t think so! So give yourself a little TLC and treat yourself to these cozy finds.


Teddy Bear Robe

This robe was given its name for a reason – it’s soft as a teddy bear! We hope the family dog won’t get to this, though.


SHOP – $55

Barefoot Dreams Blanket

One reviewer calls this the “Best blanket ever created, period” and if that doesn’t sell me on it, nothing will.

cozy blanket

SHOP – $147

Cashmere Womens Leisure Rib-Knit Pullover Set

A quick run-down of what to expect from this leisure set: It comes in 18 different colors, you can buy the top and bottom separately (and mix and match colors!) and they’re easily dressed up with some jewelry and a statement coat.

leisure set

SHOP – $196

Alo Yoga Sweatsuit

Show me something cozier than this pullover. I’ll wait. Alo’s signature Alolux fabric feels like cashmere, so I understand if you’re having a rough time. The matching sweatpants make this set one you’ll never want to take off!

UGG Fuzzy Socks

Um, talk about walking on clouds…I never took that phrase seriously until I saw these socks.

cozy socks

SHOP – $21

EMU  x Free People Mayberry Teddy Cozy Slippers

Sorry, I take it back. These are as close to walking on clouds as you can get. Period.

cozy slippers

SHOP – $65

Ugg Pullover Sweater

This is the sweater you wear to work, and when you come home, you do that bra-removal-under-the-shirt-magic, because no way are you taking this sweater off!

cozy sweater

SHOP – $88

Trucker Teddy Jacket

This jacket screams, “I’m a badass bitch, but I also get cold.”

cozy sweater

SHOP – $89.50

Pj Salvage Set

This is the pajama set that will get you to do your laundry quickly, because you want to wear it every. Single. Night.

Sherpa Throw Blanket

Pro tip: Get the queen size of this blanket even if you don’t plan on keeping it on your bed. Absolutely nothing is better than a huge blanket in your favorite armchair.

cozy blanket

SHOP – $16

Ugg Long Duster Robe   

This floor-length robe made with fluffy knit comes with a belt and pockets. I’m partial to the black – if Morticia Addams wanted to be cozy, it’d be at the top of her wish list.

cozy robe

SHOP – $145

Half Zip Sweater

This sweater might be my single favorite item on this list. The gold statement zipper detail and cuffed sleeves are what seal the deal for me – they take the sweater from “I might go on a run in this” to “I might run this city.”

cozy sweater

SHOP – $76

Fuzzy Plush Socks

One reviewer says she has these socks in every color, and THAT’S the kind of dedication I look for when I’m considering a new pair of socks.

cozy socks

SHOP – $28

Ugg Fluffette Slipper

Get these slippers in “Lava Flow” if you want to stop all traffic on your way from the couch to the kitchen.

cozy slippers

SHOP – $69.90

Chunky Knit Throw Blanket

This blanket (which comes in 8 sizes and NINETEEN colors) looks like it’s made of sewn-together marshmallows. Yes, please!

cozy blanket

SHOP – $53.99+


Will you be treating yourself to any of these cozy finds? Comment below!

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