I Tried This IPL Hair Removal Handset, And I’ll Never Have To Shave Again

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At the ripe young age of eleven, my mother brought home a bottle of Nair. She handed it to me rather unceremoniously, said it was a better alternative to shaving and left me to it.

I slathered the stuff on my legs, which already had hair growing so thick and coarse it’d practically scratch me if accidentally brushed against it. I waited the prescribed amount of time – 10 minutes? Twenty? It felt like eternity – sitting on the edge of the tub with the smell of “rose-scented” goop wafting up my poor nose. It smelled like anything but roses, but I figured this was the price of beauty. 

When the timer announced the end of my first foray into womanhood, I took a rag and wiped it up my leg, expectantly. I was ready to lay my eyes on hairless, glowing skin. So, dear reader, imagine my horror when I saw what actually awaited me – a rough, patchy, still-hairy landscape of leg. 

It was then that I decided miracle treatments would never work for me. I dimly resigned myself to a fate of eternal razor shaving, constantly bumpy legs, a mediocre life of eagerly awaiting chilly weather so I had an excuse to pile on the leggings and sweatpants.

Enter: the glories of modern medicine. Turns out, lots of women have experienced the same body hair struggles, and several companies stepped up to the plate. Creators on TikTok and Instagram took to the platforms to tell users how to achieve their dream skin; through them, I finally conquered my strawberry legs and made my legs even smoother and glowy-er with the help of Wildpier’s viral exfoliating glove

My next mission? Become hairless. Naked mole rat hairless. Never shave again (even though we all know I love me some Billie razors). 

Welp, thanks to Rose Skin Co.’s Lumi IPL hair removal device (for which you can get 15% off by clicking here!), my hair-free dreams are finally becoming a reality. Eleven-year-old me is weeping tears of joy. Now-me has worn shorts every day for the past week, something I haven’t been able to say since I was probably, like, ten. I love looking at my legs. I love touching my legs. They’re just so damn smooth. Smooth for days. Utterly strokeable.

Intrigued? You should be. Keep reading for the full scoop on the little tool that has honestly changed my life (hyperbolic? Maybe) and my skin for good.

Rose Skin Co. Lumi IPL Hair Removal Device Review

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If you’re balking at the idea of “at-home laser hair removal,” you’re far from alone. I did, too. I’d gotten laser hair removal done before but always at a treatment center. With a giant machine. And goggles on. And a technician with gloves. So the idea of doing all that myself was, well, daunting.

Time to ease your concerns – IPL hair removal is not the same as the laser hair removal you’d get at the salon, though it is similar. According to the site, “IPL stands for intense pulsed light. It works similar to laser hair removal, only it’s way easier and safer to do at home.

“Lumi is a handheld device that targets unwanted hairs at the root and destroys them with light pulses (IPL) without burning or damaging your skin. It stops hair from growing back for long-term hair reduction.”

Easy? Safe? I was sold. We reached out to the company and they sent us one to try, and after a couple months of continuous use, I’m even more sold. 

rose skin co reviews rose skin co reviews

Granted, I obviously got some sun in between the before and after pictures above, but still – wow. Honestly, when I looked at them side-by-side for the first time, I was stunned. I didn’t know there had been that much of a difference. The biggest thing this little machine did for me was increase my confidence – again, where I used to hide my legs under all manner of clothing, now I love looking at them, cellulite and all. 

The above images were each taken right after shaving – the first before I’d ever used the device, and the second after about 10-12 uses. I’m not even “done” yet (Rose Skin Co. recommends 12 weeks of twice-weekly usage for full results) and I’m already so thrilled. My legs not only feel smoother but they look smoother. I’d always had those dark spots from thick hair follicles that you can clearly see in the first image, and now they’re practically nonexistent. The hair that is still growing in is much finer and grows slower, meaning I can go several days between shaves and hardly notice a difference.

How To Use Rose Skin Co.’s Lumi IPL Hair Removal Device

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Using the device is simple, and something I usually indulge in on a night filled with a Netflix binge, face masks, and wine. Take a shower and shave before using; otherwise, the light risks burning the hair (and your skin). But as long as you’re freshly shaved, the Lumi is pretty painless, even on the highest setting. 

I use the “glide” mode on my legs, where the “zaps” happen automatically as I glide the device up my legs. It takes maybe 10 minutes to do both of my legs, calf and thigh. I avoid using the Lumi over my (many) moles – since it targets darker pigments, I’m guessing those zaps would hurt.

And, honestly, that’s it. Aloe or lotion can be used if there’s sensitivity after the treatment, but I didn’t notice any. It’s easy as pie, takes less than an hour per week and made me nearly as hairless as a newborn babe. 

The verdict? I, for one, give Rose Skin Co.’s Lumi device a solid two thumbs up. Five stars. Two legs in the air, kicking with joy at finally being seen. I bestow upon Rose Skin Co. the glowing pride of knowing that they single-handedly solved one of the many insecurities of my inner pre-teen. 

If that’s not enough, they have full permission to touch my silky smooth legs anytime.



Would you try the Rose Skin Co. Lumi device based on our review? Tell us in the comments!

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