Jenni Kayne’s Stunning, Sleek Home Decor Makes Minimalism Easy

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Here’s the thing about minimalism: some people look at the movement and think it means living in a home with blank white walls and pooping in an empty room with a single lightbulb swinging overhead. Nah. I mean, if that’s your thing, then go for it. For most people, minimalism means keeping living in an intentional place, where every item serves a purpose, aesthetically or functionally.

I’m no minimalist. I’ve tried, I really have. I’m definitely more of a maximalist. Yet sometimes I find myself idly swiping through pictures of minimalist spaces and seeing myself in some of the spaces. Even if it’s only for a little while.

For those who are committed to the minimalist credo of “less is more,” Jenni Kayne’s minimalist decor is the pinnacle of the modern minimalist movement — at least according to the brand’s fans. Search #jennikayne on Insta, and you’ll be blessed with an afternoon of decor porn. You can find spaces that take the minimalist theme literally, with lots of empty space to let statement pieces shine. Or you’ll find spaces where minimalism is more about filling your space with fewer items, which meet perfectly at the intersection of form and function.

With a breezy take on the minimalist ideals, Jenni Kayne’s designs are like the perfect slouchy cardigan; cozy without being fussy or twee. If you’re looking to introduce minimalist pieces into your home, then look no further than Jenni Kayne’s naturally neutral palette.


Farmhouse Serving Board

The next time I’m tasked with bringing a dessert to a party, I’ll bring a box of gourmet donuts and this serving board. I’d arrange the donuts artfully on the board for the hostess, but at the end of the night, the serving board comes home with me.

jenni kayne serving board

SHOP – $75.00

Stow Eco Bowl Glass

Let’s take note of each element of the Stow bowls: the glass portion is sturdy and functional. The lid is made of a soft-hued maple. The pull is made of finely stitched leather. While the bowls themselves are microwave safe, I wouldn’t use these bowls in the kitchen. I’d store cotton balls or pretty, unwrapped soaps inside.

jenni kayne stowe eco glass bowl

SHOP – $75.00

Woven Stacking Bowl Set

Take your organization to the next level with these deep woven banana leaf bowls. I’d place these in a guest bathroom with bath towels in one, hand towels in another, and stack extra toilet paper in the third.

jenni kayne Woven Stacking Bowl Set

SHOP – $145.00

Pacific Natural: Simple Seasonal Entertaining Book

Unsure of how to get the Jenni Kayne vibe, year-round? Pacific Natural is a coffee table book with oomph. Inside you’ll find tips for seasonal living, from table decor to recipes, to organizational tips.

jenni kayne Pacific Natural

SHOP – $45.00

Bath Mat

Remember when bath mats were those gross velour little atrocities that looked like a Fraggle f*cked a petri dish? Well, this bath mat is not like that. It has a slim profile, a soft, neutral color, and is 100% machine washable. No boinking Fraggles here.

jenni kayne bath mat

SHOP – $75.00

Sweater Stone

I don’t baby my clothes…I wear my outfits to live in them, not to walk around as if I’m balancing a Faberge egg on my shoulder. Which means my clothes can look, well…lived in. Sweater stones, like this one by The Laundress, are my secret weapon. Gently rub the stone along the fabric and it removes the pills that form over extended wear.

jenni kayne laundress sweater stone

SHOP – $19.00

Marin Side Table

At first glance, the Marin side table looks a bit makeshift…but then you notice the craftsmanship. The effortlessness of the table works with the strong lines and hard edges: this isn’t a whimsical little ‘nothing’ of a table. It’s purposeful and intentional.

jenni kayne Marin Side Table

SHOP – $1,295.00

Malibu Side Table

Simple and understated, this side table is one that you want to rest your steamy mug of cocoa on during a wintry afternoon.

jenni kayne Malibu Side Table

SHOP – $3,445.00

Oak Wall Hook

The clean lines of this wall hook (more of a peg, really) belie how sturdy and functional it is. The grooves look a bit like the old school pennywhistles and recorders we used in elementary school music classes. A bonus, for sure.

jenni kayne oak wall hook

SHOP – $75.00


Are you a minimalist? What’s your favorite Jenni Kayne piece from this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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