It’s Time To Fall In Love With Writing Letters Again

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Emails and digital thank-yous are great (and, not to mention, incredibly convenient!) but there’s definitely something special about giving — or receiving — a handwritten letter. The lost art of letting writing can also be viewed as a therapeutic and nostalgic stress-reliever since it requires concentration, time, and diligence. 

Additionally, snail mail (almost) always feels more intimate and personal. That’s because you know that the person who wrote you spent time and effort crafting a message — in addition to buying stamps, addressing your envelope, and dropping it in the mailbox. Unlike emails, iMessages, or DMs, letter-writing requires intricacy, time, and detail. On that note, snail mail notes and letters are easier to preserve, whether you opt to display them on your fridge, bulletin board, or desk. Picking up a pen to write snail mail also affords you the chance to let your personality and sense of humor truly shine through, whether it’s via a doodle of your dog, an inside joke, a quirky smiley face sketch, or anything in between. 

If you, like me, love the simple yet intimate letter-writing process, then you’ll want to keep reading. Ahead, I’ve rounded up a few easy-to-follow tips on how to make your handwritten letters even more special — plus beautiful stationery sets to help get those creative juices flowing. 

Find Your Favorite Stationery

To write a truly thoughtful note, you’ll need to find a stationery set that speaks to you. That way, you feel connected to the paper and the letter itself. This is arguably the most fun part of the process, but with so many stationery sets out there, you may be overwhelmed by the options. First, consider your style: Do you prefer minimalist, contemporary designs or fun, colorful ones? From there, you can easily narrow down your options so that your personality shines through the stationery. Happy shopping!

Here are some of our favorite stationery sources:

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Little Print Company on Etsy

little print company


Rifle Paper Co

rifle paper co


Write How You Talk

Your reader should be able to grasp both your writing voice and regular voice (which, hence my point, should be the same!) when they read your letter. Remember, this isn’t an academic essay or research paper, so there’s no need to get too formal or rigid in your writing. Instead, picture yourself chatting with your recipient IRL. If you wouldn’t say things like “most certainly” or “greetings,” for example, it’s best to leave ‘em out altogether. 

Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

We don’t all speak perfectly, and an occasional error is typical. Spoiler alert: We’re not all perfect, so it’s perfectly OK if a letter to your best friend, sister, or loved one has a tiny scribble or coffee stain. Chances are, they’ll laugh it off — which means you should, too. Instead, turn your scribble into a tiny heart or write “LOL” next to your coffee stain and have some fun with it. 

Get Creative

Part of the fun of letter writing is expressing yourself in ways you can’t through a text or phone call. So, feel free to doodle away. Or get crafty and round out the corner of your cardstock for some extra pizazz. Write in your favorite color ink. (Who said pink was only reserved for Elle Woods, anyways?) These small, simple touches can make a world of difference when it comes to crafting a unique, personal, and one-of-a-kind letter that’s worthy of being displayed on the fridge.


When was the last time to you wrote a letter to a friend? Did any of the supplies on our list get you inspired? Share your favorite in the comments below!

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