I’m Spending All My Money On These Adult Craft Kits

Who says you need to let your kids have all the fun? Adult coloring books are fun, but we’re stepping it up a little with these craft kits that will keep you busy (and decorate your home!)!

So grab your glue gun and let’s get crafting!


Embroidery Kit

adult craft kits

I got absolutely hooked on embroidery during the lockdown. Suddenly, all my t-shirts have pizzas and sushi stitched into them, and I’m not mad about it! This kit includes three patterns, cloths, and hoops. You can print out your patterns on this website.

SHOP NOW – $13.99

DIY Moss Wall Art

adult craft kits

Okay, I didn’t even know this was a thing but now I love it and am buying ten. This is such a cute idea to incorporate a little flora into your home without actually having to worry about watering it. I love this craft idea because the box comes with everything you need (it even includes a glue gun option if you don’t have one!) and you just get to make your green masterpiece however you want to!

SHOP NOW – $28+

DIY Woodland Felt Animals

adult craft kits

I’ve already named half of these animals and have an emotional attachment to them. This garland would look so good in a woodland-themed nursery, but honestly, no judgment if you want to put it over your own bed! The characters it creates are so cute and I’m absolutely in love with them!

SHOP NOW – $27.53+

Clay Pottery Kit

adult craft kits

I saw one of my favorite YouTubers using this kit during the lockdown to make Christmas ornaments, and oh my gosh, I need this. You can create your masterpieces and then paint them if you want, and I just love this idea! The clay is air-drying, so there’s no need to actually fire anything — super easy to do from home! If you do want to get a little adventurous, here’s a wheel that you can try your hand at spinning on!

SHOP NOW – $59

Quilt Kit

adult craft kits

I made a t-shirt quilt the first week of lockdown, and it is now one of my favorite blankets in the world. If you would rather DIY your own quilt, there are a million YouTube videos telling you how, but this is such a good kit for the classic quilt look!

SHOP NOW – $67.20+

DIY Macramé Plant Hanger Kit

adult craft kits

Plant hangers are so in style right now and they are giving me all the good plant mamma vibes. The kit comes with really easy to follow instructions, so you won’t be caught twisting knots around and you’ll have a really cute plant holder in the end!

SHOP NOW – $23.99

Essential Oil Bath Bomb DIY Kit

bath bombs

My stress reliever is making things and taking baths, so this kit is all I think I’ll ever need. You get lavender and rose essential oils in the kit and the rest of the ingredients needed to make the perfect bath bombs! I love this idea because it’s so therapeutic to do, but also so therapeutic to use!

SHOP NOW – $39.95

Weaving Kit

adult craft kits

One, I love these colors, two, why do I get grandma vibes that I’m living for with this? I love the huge needle too. I just want everything that comes with this kit. It’s perfect to make a little work of art and it’s so calming to just weave in and out. Oh, chef’s kiss.

SHOP NOW – $21.79+

Handmade Needle Punch Kit

needle punch

Where has this been all my life? This looks like a hybrid of embroidery and rug making that I used to do. I love it! It makes such cool and original designs, and of course, it comes with instructions telling you just how to do it! I love the colors you get in this kit too! Wow, add to cart!

SHOP NOW – $16.37


There are so many fun crafts you can do now as an adult, and these are just a few that we love! What are you going to do first?

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