Only Send Your College Student This Care Package If You Want To Be Called The “Cool Mom”

I remember when I first went off to college. It was such a new and different experience and, sometimes, all you want is a reminder of home. Going off to college also means being away from home for holidays, birthdays, and other special events. 

A care package is a great way to brighten up someone’s day, particularly when they’re away at college. With a care package, you can stay connected with your kids as a way to say, “I’m thinking about you.” It’s also a fun activity as you pick out all the favorite snacks and gadgets for the care package. 

Here are some college care package ideas for your kids who are probably, at least, a little homesick and definitely won’t tell you — and some pre-made ones as well!

Pre-Made Care Packages

College Care Package

college care package

This college care package offers a reminder: “Exams Succ but you’ve got this!” Send this to your college student right as they’re gearing up for midterms or finals. The package comes complete with a soy candle, box of matches, a bath bomb, fuzzy socks, lip balm, and a scrunchie.  

SHOP ON ETSY – $31.00+

Gluten-Free Snack Boxgluten free care package

This care package includes 20 premium gluten-free snacks, including Angie’s BoomChickaPop popcorn, Bada Bean Bada Boom, Cookies, Fruit Leather, Health Warrior Chia Bars, Justin’s peanut butter, Mamma Chia bars, Pirate Booty, Popchips, Nature’s Bakery fig bars, and Veggie Straws. They’re all the gluten-free favorites with enough of a selection to last for a while. 

SHOP ON ETSY – $34.00+

Brain & Grain Healthy College Care Packagehealthy brain food college care package

Old habits die hard. Even when your kid is off at college, it’s likely you’re still wishing and hoping that they’ll be making healthy choices for what they eat, snacks and all. So, forgive me if I love this college care package. It offers a range of options which are on the healthier end of things. 

SHOP ON ETSY – $46.00+

The Sick Kit

the sick kit college care package

Just because they’re away at college doesn’t mean they won’t get sick and need a little TLC. This Sick-Kit care package is designed to offer a little home-away-from-home while they’re away at college. It includes everything from Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup and oyster crackers to Gatorade, tea, ginger ale, Pepto-Bismol, and so much more. 

SHOP ON ETSY – $35.00+

Coffee Lovers College Care Package

coffee lover college care package

As we all know, every college student needs a daily infusion of coffee, so this college care package is perfect. It’s got the mug with a few other cool additions that your college student might enjoy. 


DIY College Care Package Ideas

If these pre-made care packages for your college student don’t send quite the right message, you might want to build your own college care package. After all, when you’ve been taking care of them for the last 18+ years, it’s hard to just leave them completely high and dry.

Think about what they need, what they want, and what they might just enjoy while they are far from home. Care packages often fall into a few different categories. Here are some themed package ideas — and, of course, you can mix and match from each of these to create your own mixed box!

Study Box

Sometimes you just need to support their study habits or just give the kids the school supplies you know they need. Here’s a quick list of supplies that make for a nice college care package. They will come in handy for any class, while keeping them organized at college and in life. 

Essentials Box

College students love care packages that save them time and money. It could be something they need, like laundry detergent or something that just makes their lives faster and easier, like batteries.

Snack Box

Snacks tend to be popular with college kids but you know your kid best. If they won’t eat the snacks, don’t send them. You don’t want them to end up moldering away in a corner of their cupboard or in the trash. Here are some ideas: 

Fun Box

Just think about what your college kid loves to do for fun. You can send them card games, like Cards Against Humanity, or you could send them the latest novel by their favorite author. Whatever fun items you include, carefully consider what they’ll enjoy the most.


What’s your favorite type of care package to send? Share your favorite goodies to send to family and friends in the comment section below!

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