‘Thor: Love And Thunder’ Will Leave Audiences Clapping

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The Marvel universe has done it again with its latest installment, Thor: Love and Thunder. I had an opportunity to see the film a few days before its worldwide release, and it did not disappoint! From the music to the lighthearted comedic moments, this movie is a good time! But, was this just another filler flick to help the Marvel team make more money? Or did Love and Thunder strike stronger than that? 

When we reunite with Thor in the beginning of the film, he’s decided to embrace the idea of finding purpose through the quest for inner peace. The quest is interrupted by Gorr the God butcher, a galactic killer who seeks the extinction of the Gods as payback for the killing of his people. You see, Gorr was once a simple man, who put all of his faith and trust into the God they worshiped. In his daughter’s last moments of life, he begged the Gods for help and no help came. After losing his daughter, he meets his God, who mocks his pain. Gorr is then cursed by an evil sword that gives him power to kill Gods, beginning his mission. When Thor hears that Gods are being murdered, and Asgard is next, he springs into action. 

Who Will Wield The Hammer?

Now that we have Thor back,  we can expect some hammer swinging action, right? Wrong. You see, in Thor: Ragnarok, Thor’s sister, Hela, destroyed the Mjolnir with her bare hands. The pieces of it still remain in Asgard, as they’re too heavy to pick up. Thor has a new weapon, which he calls “Stormbreaker,” that has serious magical powers. There are many familiar faces in the movie, including the entire Guardians of the Galaxy cast, and Natalie Portman reprising her role as Dr. Jane Foster, Thor’s super smart ex-girlfriend. Jane and Thor broke up some years back, but we don’t really know why or what happened. We just knew Thor definitely wasn’t over it. In Love and Thunder, they do a great job at explaining what happened, and catch you up on where she’s been since. 

You will learn that she is sick, and has been trying every possible scientific method to get better. When nothing seems to be working, she remembers when Thor would talk about how powerful the Mjolnir is, and seeks it out to possibly help her. When Jane and Thor do reunite, it’s awkward. After some talking, and more fighting, they team up on their quest to save the universe from the god killer. 

When their mission to ask for more soldiers doesn’t go as planned, they realize they’re going to have to do this alone. Eventually, the story’s ending will have you teary.  There are two bonus scenes at the end of the movie, so be sure to stay and watch. Based on how it all ends, we will be seeing a lot more of Thor in the future. 

As a Marvel nerd myself, I may be a bit biased on my opinion. I like to think of it as the most critical of all, because the Marvel Universe means so much to me. The Thor stories are easily my favorite of them all, simply because they’re such a good time. I took my ten year old to see it with me, and she had a blast! Although there are scenes of action violence, it never reached a point of being too scary for her. The movie never felt like a forced money maker, but a great bridge between stories. You’ll laugh a lot and be absolutely in love with the loud flying donkeys! Definitely give this movie a watch – the action sequences are well worth the trip to the theater! Great job, Marvel.


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