‘Only Murders in the Building’ Season 2: More Plotting On The Premises

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I don’t know if I just wasn’t paying attention to entertainment news or if it was legitimately a surprise drop, but when I saw that season 2 of Only Murders in the Building had dropped on Hulu the other day, I was surprised (and way excited).

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The new season promises more murder – in the building, of course – new infamy for our three favorite podcasters as they become key suspects in the investigation of Bunny’s murder (from the end of season 1), and possibly even some…sexual tension between Mabel Mora and an art curator. Hey, I’m here for it.

Episode one of this season picks up right where you’d expect. Mabel, Charles, and Oliver are being interrogated in a police station about Bunny’s murder. Since Mabel found her, she’s obviously a suspect, and though the audience knows (?) our podcasters are innocent, it certainly looks pretty damning for them. Rival podcaster Cinda Canning even launches a podcast focusing on our trio, called “Only Murderers in the Building.” Their fame is growing, though not necessarily for the right reasons.

New Suspects On The Scene

The rest of the episode sets up viewers for season 2 with new characters, new threads to the mystery of Bunny’s murder, and new tangential storylines. My favorite new element of the season is by far and away the inclusion of Cara Delevigne as Alice, an NYC art curator who scouts Mabel. When the two meet in person at a gallery, they have…chemistry? Listen, maybe it’s just that I’m a little gay, but the sexual tension between them is undeniable. I can’t wait to see more…Malice? Alora? Carena Golevigne? Whatever you call it, I’m here for it.

Charles, meanwhile, is given the opportunity to reprise his role in a Brazzos revival – but it’s not everything the washed-up actor is hoping for when he learns he’ll be playing the titular character’s uncle. And Oliver runs into Amy Schumer (as herself) in an elevator, who asks to buy the rights to “Only Murders” and basically franchise it, with a series and everything. 

Though they’re seemingly all being pulled in different directions, like any good detectives, they can’t resist the lure of a delicious mystery. When they learn of a stolen, priceless, erotic painting that could hold the key to finding Bunny’s murderer, they have to follow every lead they can find. But all the leads this season seem to be telling them that someone, somewhere, is deliberately targeting them – framing them for Bunny’s murder. 

The question is not only who but why? Personally, my money’s on Cinda Canning. She has nothing to lose and everything to gain, right? It would work out very much in her favor if the subjects of her podcast turned out to be actual murderers. Or could our new curator, Alice, be in on it – maybe trying to give Mabel enough emotional fodder to birth new art pieces? 

Maybe it’s, I don’t know, Amy Schumer. Is it just me or has she always seemed a little sus? Regardless, one thing is for sure, the second season of Only Murders has me hooked. If not for the murder mystery, definitely for that flame between Delevigne and Gomez. It’s spicy. Do yourself a favor and go check it out – then, come back and tell us what you think!


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