I Tried Sporting Smiles’ Teeth Whitening Kit And My Gums Said,”No, Thanks”

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Like the rest of us, I, too, strive to have a smile that shines like the top of the Chrysler building when I deign to show it. My go-to solution has been Crest white strips, which definitely work, but I’ve been casually browsing the market for something tougher to combat my coffee stains for a while.

So, when Sporting Smiles reached out and offered to send us some of their custom whitening trays to review, of course I jumped at the chance.

Sporting Smiles Teeth Whitening Review

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The biggest thing that intrigued me about Sporting Smiles’ teeth whitening product is that they make custom molds of your teeth for the whitening gel to be used with. The process of making the molds was a little tricky, but I did it on my first try — if for whatever reason you don’t, the company will send another kit for you to try again.

To make the molds, the kit will instruct you to fill their impression trays with putty, then bite down and keep the tray in for a few minutes until the impression hardens. Then you’ll email the company a picture of your impressions just so they can confirm you’ve done it correctly. If all is well, you’ll send the impressions back to them, and in a couple weeks, you’ll receive your custom whitening trays and gel in the mail!

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My whitening experience, however, was not one for the books. I filled the trays with the prescribed amount of gel — a very small amount — and put them in my mouth, and the gel kind of went…everywhere. It came out the back of the tray and I couldn’t tell if it was evenly distributed throughout the trays. Moreover, the taste was not pleasant. I spat out the excess and left the trays in.

And then the real adventure began. Within a minute, my gums were in horrible pain. It felt like they were being burned, and as someone who’s never experienced gum sensitivity before, I got kinda freaked out. So I took out the trays and saw that my gums were starting to bleach.

sporting smiles whitening review

Yeah, not fun. At that point, I discontinued my use of the whitening trays. BUT, before you throw Sporting Smiles out the window completely, I’d be remiss not to note that they do a great job with their custom trays.

In addition to whitening treatments, the company offers custom retainers, custom mouth guards for all manner of different sports, and custom night guards for nighttime teeth grinders. I’d still recommend Sporting Smiles for the stellar prices you can get these for, but when it comes to whitening treatments, I think I’ll stick with Crest white strips.


Have you tried Sporting Smiles? What’s your tried-and-true teeth whitening routine? Let us know in the comments below!

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