Persona Labs Review: Blood Testing Made Easy And Affordable

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I have good news for you, 21st century humans, the landscape of the health industry is changing to such an extent that testing options are numerous, and it’s almost easier than ever to take charge of your health!

So, when PersonaLabs reached out and asked if we wanted to try one of their testing options, of course, we said yes.

Since 2006, PersonaLabs has been helping people get blood tests done affordably and without needing doctor or insurance approval, obstacles which prevent many (including myself) from getting a comprehensive picture of their overall health. They offer a wide range of tests, covering everything from allergy testing and cancer screening to fertility tests and general men’s and women’s health tests. 

I ordered a Women’s Health Hormone Profile Test – here’s what my experience was like!

PersonaLabs Review

If you’re new to the world of independent medical testing, here’s how it generally works. Typically, you’ll order a lab test online, and they’ll email you the lab order form for the collection center. Then, you’ll need to book an appointment with a local blood collection location (in this case, a Quest Diagnostics location). 

You can go to the location and they’ll draw your blood and then send it off to the lab for testing. Easy peasy (unless blood draws make you queasy!). Then you’ll get an email with your test results.

I went to my local Quest Diagnostics center here in Portland last Thursday, and the blood draw was quick and easy. They shipped my samples off to the lab and I got my results less than a week later (way faster than I expected – with other providers it’s taken at least a week to get results back).

The test I took tested for the following: estrone, cortisol, progesterone, estradiol, dhea sulfate, and testosterone.

I already have a fairly good idea of my general health and the results from this test lined up well with what I knew from previous blood tests I’ve had done. All my levels were normal except my testosterone levels, which were a bit high (PCOS babes, unite!). Overall, I had a really great experience with PersonaLabs and definitely plan on using them again! Personally, I love being able to take my health in my own hands and get tests done without wading through the melee of doctor’s orders and insurance. I’ll probably order their basic allergen profile test next, as I continue on my quest to live healthily!


What do you think of our PersonaLabs review? Would you use this service? Share with us in the comments!

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