5 Products You Need In Your Emergency Period Kit

We’ve all been there. You’ve planned tirelessly for weeks, even months, for a special event or occasion, and you couldn’t feel more confident when the big day finally arrives. After all, you’ve poured your heart and soul into perfecting this celebration, and so far the pieces have fallen gently into place. 

Everything is going just as expected.

Until you dart off to the ladies’ room and find that one of your visitors showed up early. No, it’s not your mother-in-law – it’s your sneaky monthly period, that spiteful SOB.

Your Garmin smartwatch said your cycle wouldn’t start for another week. Now, you’re totally panicked about a full-blown period emergency – and unless you can quickly scavenge a few time-of-the-month essentials, your beautifully laid out evening is about to go bloody awry.

How could you have better prepared for this scenario? By carrying an emergency period kit, of course.

What Is An Emergency Period Kit?

A period emergency kit is basically a DIY pack for your purse that contains all the products you might need to prevent or alleviate those pesky menstrual symptoms, from cramps and bloating to heavy bleeding. “It can help you feel more prepared and confident, knowing you have everything you need to deal with any situation,” including unexpected bleeds or leaks, says Dr. Shweta Shah, an obstetrics and gynecology specialist. 

“If you have a history of unexpectedly heavy or prolonged periods, you may want to consider carrying a period emergency kit with you at all times,” Dr. Shah suggests. “If you’re traveling or away from home for an extended time, it is also a good idea to carry an emergency kit.” That way, the next time you’re under surprise attack by Aunt Flo, you’ll be armed and ready to attack the biotch right back. Period.

Never assembled an emergency period kit, and not sure what tools to throw in your tote? Don’t worry; our experts have you covered. Below, they’ve helped us compile the perfect list of products to address every possible period problem – so you can take back the power and always feel prepared.

What You Need In Your Emergency Period Kit

The Problem: Early bleeding

The Solution: Sanitary pads, tampons, or menstrual cups

Whichever feminine hygiene product is your preference, you’ll want to keep a few permanently in your pack. If you’re on team tampon, look for a product that advertises its compactness (like the U by Kotex Click Contact Tampons, which fit comfortably in your purse but expand to full size in one easy click). “Personally, I recommend menstrual cups (like the DivaCup),” says Senna Miller, a certified sexuality educator who talks to youth and adults about menstruation. “But whatever you use, having the extras will keep accidents from happening, probably provide a friend with some much-needed relief, and they’ll make sure you’re set for the next few hours if you need to change on the go,” she says.

Always Ultra Thin Feminine Pads

emergency period kit


U By Kotex Click Compact Tampons

emergency period kit


DivaCup — BPA-Free Reusable Menstrual Cup

emergency period kit


The Problem: Heavy bleeding

The Solution: Extra pair of underwear 

We’ve all had those super-drenching periods that, for whatever reason, are immune to even your super-absorbency tampons or pads. “Having that extra pair is a failsafe against accidents or moments of ‘Whoops! There’s my period,’’ Miller says. “It also will keep you from needing to run home and change.” For the best peace of mind, opt for a leak-proof product like Neione Period Underwear, which advertises two tampons’ worth of absorption to catch menstrual flow. Plus, they’re soft and stylish!

Neione Period Underwear

emergency period kit


The Problem: Cramps and bloating

The Solution: Pain relievers

Sometimes, your personal Red Wedding kicks off with painful cramps and bloating instead of bleeding. When PMS symptoms prevail, your best defense can be to pop a pill. Usually, an OTC pain reliever or menstruation-specific medication will do the trick, Miller says. “If cramps or pain hit unexpectedly, that medicine may help take the edge off so we can get on with our day (or night),” she explains. Want multi-symptom period relief all in one? Try Midol Complete caplets, which contain a combination of ingredients to kill your cramps, bloating, fatigue, and headache or backache.

Midol Complete Menstrual Pain Relief Caplets

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The Problem: Low energy

The Solution: Protein bar

It totally stinks when your shark week sucks all the life out of you. “Women’s bodies need extra energy during their periods, and the extra blood loss can make them feel weak and light-headed,” points out Amber Dixon, a registered dietitian. “This can be especially true if you are very active and have an intense workout planned during your period.” For the best energy boost while you’re battling the period blues, Dixon recommends a snack high in protein, like peanut butter, nuts, or a protein bar. If you crave chocolate during your monthly cycle (don’t we all?), the Quest Chocolate Brownie Protein Bar is an excellent choice, as it packs 20 grams of protein and tastes like a fudgy brownie fresh out of the oven.

Quest Nutrition Chocolate Brownie Protein Bars


The Problem: Low iron

The Solution: Iron supplement

Last but not least, we all have to build back our blood after our heavy flow depletes it. For this reason, stick a supplement with iron and folic acid in your stash, Dixon suggests. “Iron helps with fatigue and also helps to prevent anemia, which is common around menstruating women due to their increased blood loss,” she says. “Folic acid helps with iron absorption as well as preventing birth defects if taken before pregnancy begins.” Seek out an iron supplement like VHR Iron+ that contains vitamin C, folic acid, B-12, and zinc in one cap. It’s specially formulated to be non-constipating, which is a big relief when you’re on the rag. (And if one symptom of your cycle is having problems pooping, check out our recent article on constipation cures!)

VHR Iron+ with Vitamin C, Folic Acid, B-12, and Zinc



Do you carry an emergency period kit? What’s inside? Let us know in the comments!

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