Review: We Love Natracare’s Plastic-Free Period Products

When Susie Hewson introduced the first organic tampon to the market in 1989 and established Natracare, she was a period health pioneer. They offer a wide range of organic, natural, plastic-free, and chlorine-free products. 

It is made of environmentally friendly, biologically degradable, and compostable materials that are better for women’s health and the environment.

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Recent published research found synthetic plastics and evidence supporting the release of plastic microfibres in tested tampons by the research team, and they estimate the release of 17 billion nanoplastic fibers per tampon. A staggering total of 86 trillion fibers throughout a person’s lifetime.

Each year, around 12 billion pads and 7 billion tampons are thrown away in the United States alone. Although many of these items are disposed of in landfills, others clog sewers or add to the alarming amount of plastic waste in our oceans.

Susie Hewson, a lifelong environmentalist and founder of Natracare, provides a range of menstruation solutions for transitioning to a plastic-free period. These are:

  • Made using GOTS 100% certified organic cotton 

  • Made with natural materials

  • Biodegradable

  • Chlorine-free

  • Compostable

  • Vegan

  • Use recyclable packaging

  • Plastic-Free

Why Use Natracare?

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“Choosing plastic-free pads and tampons lets intimate skin breathe and eliminates plastic pollution,” says the Natracare site. “Our pads, tampons and wipes are made from renewable, biodegradable and compostable materials. They’re the period products you know and love – but unlike conventional brands, they won’t be polluting the earth for the next 500 years.”

Natracare is certified vegan, all natural, and certified organic.

“Pads and panty liners made with plastic are not as breathable. Wearing them all day (let alone all week!) can create a sweaty and uncomfortable environment for your skin,” says Natracare

Its period products are naturally absorbent, waterproof, breathable, and soft. The brand is committed to removing any potential harm from exposure to chlorine, or chlorine compounds. 

Our Natracare Review

Natracare sent us some products to try and so far, we’re sold! I personally don’t use tampons, but I tested one with some water and it was definitely ultra absorbent. The pads were absorbent too (like, crazy absorbent. Seemed better than the big box brands I usually buy), AND they were actually sticky, which kind of shocked me. A lot of pads I’ve tried don’t actually stick to my underwear, but not these bad boys!

Where To Buy Natracare

Whole Foods, Amazon, Kroger, Fred Meyer, Thrive Market, and natural food stores co-ops nationally offer Natracare.

Select Natracare products are also available on Amazon:

Ultra Pads Regular Wings



Organic Applicator Tampons



Panty Liners



Moist Toilet Tissue



Period products that are better for our bodies AND the environment? Yes, please! Share what you think in the comments!

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