Mom To Mom: Let’s Get Moving With These Fun Exercises For Kids!

Are your kids in need of some extra movement during the week? Have they become slaves to their screens and lack motivation to move? They could be suffering from a lack of ideas on how to make it fun. 

When we talk about “working out” or “exercise” it can often feel like a chore. All you need to do is find a way to make it fun and your kids will be on board! Whether it’s giving a new sport a try or investing in outdoor equipment that is innovative and fun, there are many out-of-the-box ideas to get your little ones off the couch and moving around intentionally. We’re going to share a few fun exercises for kids in this article to get you inspired to find something that fits your family best!

Go Noodle

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Okay, I know it seems a bit backwards starting off the list with an activity that involves a screen and being indoors, but hear me out. Go Noodle is SO much fun! Both of my kids, whose ages range from 5 to 10, absolutely love this program. They have everything from yoga to high intensity training to even dancing. Go Noodle designs their programs to have everything you need to get your kids moving and are always adding new choices. I highly recommend Go Noodle for the days that it is too hot to play outside or possibly too wet. 

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Make It A Dance Party!

Kids forget that they are in fact exercising when they are dancing because they are having so much fun! Try turning on their favorite music and blasting it in the living room. Chances are they will get up and start moving their bodies with the biggest smile on their face. As an adult, we choose our workout routine based on what suits our passions. Why would that be any different for us as kids? Music is a great movement starter, so pick something upbeat and move along with them! 

Join A Boxing Class

If your child isn’t into a sport already, they may be looking for an outlet for energy to be released. Martial arts is a healthy way to release that energy as well as any internal frustrations they may be going through. Whether it’s boxing or another form of mixed martial arts, the lessons that will be taught will go past exercise. They will learn discipline and respect, as well as how to channel their anger in a healthy way. If you are a member of a gym that is martial arts focused, they may offer youth classes that you can have them try out. Most establishments will allow you to try your lessons out for free, so I recommend signing your child up and seeing how they react to their first lesson. 

Go For A Swim

Depending on where you live, going for a swim may or may not be an option this time of year. If it is, swimming offers the opportunity for a great way for them to move around and get some energy out! Honestly, it’s all about tricking their minds into moving their bodies without it feeling like a chore. Activities such as swimming are already something they probably love to do. Build off of what they love and encourage it over unnecessary screen time. Be sure to supervise little ones and those who are not strong swimmers.

Invest In Their Favorite Sport

What I mean by that is to invest your time and energy. Has your child possibly signed up for soccer this season? Don’t wait until their next soccer practice for them to get some extra ball time. On days they do not meet with their team, take that extra time to work with your child on their skill set. If you personally know nothing about the sport, do a little bit of video research on YouTube, and you will be surprised at how much you can learn online. Not only will that help your child maintain that passion for their newfound sport, but it will show them you are invested in the things they love as well. It will encourage them to keep moving and possibly work on things independently and without prying.

Snag Some Fun Toys 

The best way to get them outdoors and moving is to have them naturally play. Remember when screens weren’t as big of a deal when we were kids, and our form of entertainment came from playing outside? That time hasn’t passed, we just have given in. Invest in a few toys and pieces of equipment that encourage movement. Things like roller skates, pogo sticks, scooters and bikes are just a few examples of things that will require movement for fun. Outdoor toys have come a long way since we were kids, and there are some pretty innovative options out there. I have listed a few shoppable links below.

EzyRoller Classic

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Flybar Maverick 2.0 Foam Pogo Stick

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Micro Kickboard

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LLMoose Hover Soccer Ball


BANZAI Bump N Bounce Body Bumpers


No matter how you get your kiddos moving, you’re certainly on the right track! Depending on how active your child is naturally will determine if extra movement is necessary and how much.

If your child is very active outside of school with sports and activities, you may want to give them rest days, just like we give ourselves. If you do notice they need extra help in the movement department, any of the suggestions above will get their mindset in the right place. You got this, mama!


We love these fun exercises for kids. Tell us how you get your kids to be active in the comments!

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