Create A Vision Board That’ll Make All Your 2022 Dreams Come True

It’s the new year and it’s time to focus on our plans for the future. We all have dreams and aspirations – but how do we make those dreams a reality for ourselves? 

Vision boarding is a popular manifestation tool the wellness community has been using for some time now. Creating a vision board perfectly merges the meditative practices of manifestation and visualization. But how does it work? 

Vision boards are based on the practice of visualization. If you can envision a future for yourself, then you’ll work toward it with a clear path and vision in your head. It’s similar to saying affirmations or ‘iffirmations’ every day — if you keep repeating statements to yourself about yourself, you’ll manifest who you want to become, and vision boards can keep your dreams constantly in sight.

Vision boards also help keep you on track. If you print them out or put them on your desktop background, you’ll see them every day and constantly be reminded of your dreams. The constant repetition and reminders will leave you with no choice but to begin living as if you’ve already achieved or are about to achieve these goals. 

So how exactly do you go about making the perfect vision board to create your dream future? 

vision board

While there’s no problem with going old-school and getting out your magazines, scissors, and glue sticks, you don’t have to make a mess to achieve your goals. The sheer volume of content on Pinterest makes it an amazing tool for finding the best content that reflects your dreams for 2022. I used to make boards with labels such as ‘2020 Inspiration’ or ‘2019 Mood Board.’ Whatever you call it, you can make a hodgepodge board of all your goals as told by Pinterest pins. 

If you still want a collage but want to avoid the mess, you can make a vision board on Canva and save it as your background on your computer, Apple Watch, phone, iPad, or any other device. I love this trick because anywhere I am, my phone and computer are with me. When I open them up, I’ll see my vision board and be reminded about what I’m working towards. 

If you’re not sure how often you’ll see your digital vision board, go ahead and print it out so you can see it every day.  

And then there is always the classic option of taking your old magazines and going to town cutting them up. True story, I made a vision board on my door when I was nine years old. I cut up maybe 20 American Girl Doll Magazines and manifested my perfect life (represented by the best dolls in America, of course). I’m not sure how much of it came true, but it sure was memorable. 

Whatever medium you decide to use for your vision board, make sure it has a clear focus and will be a constant visual reminder of your dreams every day.

Make a Short-Term Vision Board

While the new year is a great time to focus on the big, 12-month picture, there’s also no shame in creating a short-term vision board. Remember how you eat an elephant — one bite at a time. While you may have hopes and dreams of starting your company or moving this year, think about starting with a smaller and shorter time period for your vision board. I’ll never suggest dreaming smaller, but you might try dreaming shorter. Maybe make a vision board for each quarter of the year. That way, you can stay mindfully present with your goals and you can focus on the nitty-gritty more than you would if you zoomed out over a year.

Another zoomed-in option for your vision board could be to make one for a specific dream. I’ve seen brides create wedding vision boards, workers create career-centered boards, and families create travel vision boards. 

A more focused vision board will also help you hone in on your exact goals and work towards the future you want.

Section Your Vision Board

One of the main things to keep in mind for your vision board is that you want to be focused on your goals for the future. If you’re throwing everything you like or relate to on a board, you can lose focus, thus making your goals harder to achieve. Keeping a simple board with a clear focus is the best way to make a successful vision board. 

If you find yourself drawn to multiple categories on your board, section it out to make it more readable. Choose categories like career, social life, health and wellness, and personal growth. These categories will help you stay true to the future you want while also allowing yourself to grow in every aspect of your life.  

While you may want to add aesthetically pleasing pictures to your vision board, try to focus on exactly what you want for your life. If your board is flooded with picturesque photos, it might make you lose focus on what you really want to achieve. Focus on your why and ask the reasons you might be drawn to a specific photo or theme. 

No matter how or why you make your vision board, keep a clear mind about what you want to create in your new year and in your manifestation.


Have you ever made a vision board? Are you going to now? Let us know in the comments!

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