Make Your Bedroom A Boho Oasis With These Decor Pieces

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The boho style has been my favorite for years. I strive to have a wardrobe that Stevie Nicks would approve of. But beyond clothing, you can carry your bohemian style into your bedroom decor! Today, I’ve found some adorable items from Walmart to get your boho bedroom started.


Choose A Boho Bed Frame

The place to start in a bohemian bedroom: bed frames. Bohemian beds are usually low to the ground, raised by platforms or short legs — the goal is to have your blankets swallow the bed (more on that later). Keep the tone neutral, ideally with wood tones.

Add A Hippie Headboard

If your bed doesn’t have a headboard, congratulations! You now have an extra space to make your bed your own. For a universal headboard., go with a subtle, wooden design. If you’re bolder, choose a bohemian statement piece.

Make A Big Comforter Cozy

Comfort is key in a boho bedroom. You want the space to feel lived in and loved, and a giant comforter adds to the cozy vibes — in a way, you want the bed to seem undone when it’s 100% made. You can choose a comforter that has added texture or a subtle pattern.

Lean Into Accent Pillows

While most of a boho bed is light and airy, toss in statement throw pillows. Bright colors catch people’s eyes, and if your bed is the focal point of the room (hint: it should be), pillows are the way to add visual interest.

Keep Bed Sheets Simple

Your pillows should do most of the talking, and if your duvet has some design to it, you don’t want your bedding to compete. Keep them close to a white, like cream or ivory, to leave attention on the rest of your bed. If you want to add flair, choose a subtle pattern.

Layer Area Rugs

To create the ultimate bohemian bedroom, an area rug is a must, even if your room already has carpet. Even better: choose two rugs that complement one another. It’s okay if they don’t quite match your bed, though it’s best if you can find a color to incorporate in both.

Lighten Up The Room (Literally)

Get rid of bright white lighting in that boring glass bowl pendant. Remove the bowl and choose hanging lights that are handwoven and/or rattan, or even macrame. Choose a warmer light to replace the white; it will make the room feel cozier.

Deck the Walls

Artwork tells a story — they’re worth a thousand words, after all. You can choose one large piece of artwork for a wall, or multiple small pieces of art to group together. Go with abstract art or a giant tapestry — classics in a bohemian bedroom. If you are piecing together artwork, make sure they complement each other.

Keep It Green

It’s not a boho bedroom if it doesn’t have some greenery. One popular way to hold plants is with macrame hangers — the knotted patterns add dimension to a room, especially when they’re descended from the ceiling. If you don’t have room to hang plants, try dip-dyed cement pots.

Throw Some Blankets On

Oversized blankets are perfect when it’s cold and the comforter just doesn’t do it. But they can serve as cozy decor, too! Go with muted colors and chunky, fuzzy knits, or patterned, soft throws for the ultimate I-swear-I’m-awake-snooze.

Have Fun With Just-Because Pieces

Sure, maybe you don’t need that essential oil diffuser. But to that I say: so what? Accessorizing a room is important, after all! So grab that diffuser for nice smells or a sun catcher for rainbow rays — you do you, lady.

Give the Curtains Love

The final touch to a boho bedroom: the right curtains. Since you’ll want to sleep (hopefully), choose gentle blackout curtains that can be pulled back during the day, then layer them with sheer curtains that will allow the light to shine through.


Which products are necessary for a boho bedroom? Share with us in the comments!

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