I Created The Boho Bedroom Of My Dreams With These Affordable Walmart Finds

boho bedroom

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The boho style has been my favorite for years. I strive to have a wardrobe that Stevie Nicks would approve of. But beyond clothing, you can carry your bohemian style into your bedroom decor! Today, I’ve found some adorable items from Walmart to get your boho bedroom started. boho bedroom


Macrame Plant Hangers

boho bedroom

If you’re looking for boho bedroom decor, chances are you have a few house plants around already. These macrame plant holders offer the perfect way to bring your plant babies into your room! They are also made of 100% natural cotton rope, are eco-friendly and made to be durable, and hold most plant types. boho bedroom

SHOP NOW – $12.96

Woven Pillow with Tassels

boho bedroom

This woven pillow with tassels will make any chair, bedspread or couch have a boho feel. They come in two sizes and three colors so you can mix and match to have the best spread possible. They’re also machine washable without shrinking!

SHOP NOW – $26.99

Mohawk Home Area Rug

boho bedroom

To fit any room size, this area rug comes in 10 sizes from 2′ x 3′ to 10′ x 14′. It also has the perfect mix of patterned neutrals, so you get some visual diversity without it being too much. No matter what other boho decor you have in your room, this is the perfect rug to naturally tie it all together.

SHOP NOW – $43.84+

Wood Wall Art

boho bedroom

Once again, this wood wall art piece offers some neutral colors and macrame touches for your boho bedroom. It’s also taller than you might think, measuring 35” in height — perfect as a focal piece on your boho wall! 

SHOP NOW – $39.46

Framed Plant Art

boho bedroom

If you don’t have any plants of your own, you’ll add some green to your boho bedroom with this wall art! It’s also textured (not just a flat print!) and comes in a thick ebony wood grain frame to top it off. boho bedroom

SHOP NOW – $36.40

Knitted Throw Blanket

boho bedroom

Need a pop of color? This knitted throw blanket comes in sooo many fun colors (I personally love the yellow)! It’s made with 100% acrylic that the product description claims is lightweight and soft. Nothing says cozy like a throw!  boho bedroom

SHOP NOW – $20.99

Hanging Wall Shelves

boho bedroom

These hanging wall shelves can hold plants, books, knick-knacks or any other decor you want! They’re composed of paulownia wood and jute rope. Another great aspect of these shelves is that they were made with anti-mildew treatment so they can never get moldy! boho bedroom

SHOP NOW – $23.97

3-Piece Kenny Quilt Set

boho bedroom

This 3-piece quilt set has hints of creme, grey, and light brown. Once again, neutrals rule the boho aesthetic, especially when paired with patterns. It’s also reversible to keep your room always looking fresh! boho bedroom

SHOP NOW – $41.74

Moon Phases Tapestry


For all of the phases of your life, this phases of the moon tapestry is a boho decor item that reflects your unique style. Unlike many other tapestries, it hangs from a wooden rod and it comes in black or white styles (but we love the white!). 

SHOP NOW – $12.09

Marjorie Sheer Curtain Panel


Don’t forget curtains when you redecorate your bedroom! These Mainstays curtain panels come in many colors, but the Brownstone option is sheer and has a light pattern that will bring a touch of boho sophistication to your windows. boho bedroom

SHOP NOW – $4.97


How do you bring your boho style out into your home decor? Leave us some advice below!

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