Gorgeous Coffee Table Decor To Inspire Your Living Room This Year

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If you’re looking to spruce up or redo your coffee table, we’ve got some IG-worthy inspiration for you in this article! We’re pulling pieces from 4 major interior design styles, but don’t feel that you need to only stick to one category. The amazing thing about interior design is that it speaks to you and whatever makes you feel happiest and safest is going to be the most important source of inspiration.


Contemporary Glam

The contemporary interior design style often incorporates sleek designs and hard lines for a more minimalist approach to the space. It looks luxe, smooth, and is easy on the eyes. What I love about sprinkling in some glam is that it dresses up the space to look more feminine and regal. Decor elements include glass (extra points if you have a glass top coffee table), gold and silver accents, pink as an accent color, fresh florals, and geometric shapes.

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Postmodern Minimalism

Postmodern minimalism is minimalism at its finest. The coffee table decor will incorporate a neutral palette for a very refined and almost “cold” look. There’s less emphasis on color accents with focus on sharp and smooth, clean edges and natural stones. To dress up the table, I recommend incorporating some metal hardware and artistic table sculptures with curvature. For plants, you can’t go wrong with fresh succulents or flowers.

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Mid-Century Modern

Unlike postmodern minimalism, the mid-century modern style includes blends of nature and color accents to brighten up the space. There are more focal points compared to minimalist styles so don’t shy away from color and dynamic decorative pieces. The contrast between natural materials like steel and wood look amazing against geometric shapes and patterns and fresh flowers.

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The farmhouse style can easily be modernized with metal accents and more contemporary, hard lines and flat surfaces but at the core of this style is a rustic feel that can be achieved with functional decor and an earthy color palette. To dress up this coffee table, incorporate elements of nature you can find at a barn like pine cones and candle holders in blackened metals.

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What is your coffee table aesthetic? Which pieces caught your eye? Share with us below!

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