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If you’re looking to spruce up or redo your space, we’ve got some IG-worthy inspiration for you in this article! Freshen up your space with these 10 home decor tips, then choose goods that feel like you. The amazing thing about interior design is that it speaks to you, and whatever makes you feel happiest and safest is going to be the most important source of inspiration.


Decide On A Style That Fits You

The last thing you want to do is live in a house that doesn’t match your personality. Like bold colors? Paint a wall bright yellow. Prefer a sleek look? Add geometric shapes to add clean lines throughout. And if you like a combination of styles, mix them together! There are no rules when it comes to your decor as long as your home goods make you feel home. Don’t know where to start? There are universal pieces that can be the foundation.

Pick An Accent Color

We all have a color that gives us joy each time we see it. (Blue, for me.) To break up your usual neutral tones, add fun with a pop of color! Whether it’s in the form of throw pillows or a fun area rug, you’ll feel at home each time you see it.

Incorporate Metals

Add some metal to your space. Combined with concrete and marble, you have endless — and stunning — home good options to add high-end decor elements. Bonus: you don’t have to spend high-end prices for that chic finish.

Bring In Rustic Wood

Go back to your roots — literally. Bringing rustic home goods into a space adds an earthy decor element you won’t find in marble or glass. Whether you go straight-from-the-forest or glossy, having wooden pieces throughout your home will bring you back down to earth during stressful moments.

Make Your Bedroom Your Sanctuary

Yes, the cliche is true: your bedroom should be your sanctuary. It’s the place where you should feel the most relaxed. Whether you’re meditating, sleeping, listening to music, reading, and so on — it’s your space, and no one else’s. Use this freedom to make it cozy and personal.

Let Wall Art Do The Talking

If you don’t feel like painting accents, but still want something on your walls, consider bold art. You can find it anywhere: garage sales, thrift stores, and every department store’s Home Goods section. Whether you choose a specific look or go abstract, decorate your walls with reckless abandon.

Choose Light Curtains

Heavy curtains are perfect when you’re looking for a black-out situation. Otherwise, keeping your curtains light will bring in any sun and illuminate your space. On top of that, lighter curtains are just cute. Black-outs are great for bedrooms, but light curtains are perfect for…well, everywhere else. Home decor tip: place them over windows that have good lighting, so the details on sheer curtains shine.

Incorporate Greenery

Ah, plants. They do wonders for your mental health, and they liven up a space. Whether you go with real plants or fake plants, having that dose of greenery will lift your spirits. Keep in mind: if you want something low-maintenance, these fake plants will trick guests into thinking you can manage a garden inside of your home.

Reflect On Your Home — Literally

So you’ve got your wall art, but a lesser-known home decor tip: putting mirrors up for good lighting. When the sun hits them, they’ll reflect back (obvs — you know how mirrors work), brightening your space and making it feel bigger than it is. Dress up your mirrors rather than going with your standard rectangle.

Light It Up

Lighting is everything. You set the mood with it, whether you want a hazy glow while watching movies or white and bright when you’re working late into the night. And of course, you want it to fit the style of your home. Basically: take lights into serious consideration. With so many decor options, you’re bound to find the right lighting to fit the rest of your home goods.


Did these home decor tips inspire you? Which home goods are essential decor pieces? Tell us in the comments!

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