Never Lose Your AirPods Again With These Genius Cases

airpod cases

I am legitimately terrified that I will lose my AirPods. Once, I left the case at my gym and I almost broke down, just to come back and find them right where I left them an hour ago. But they’re so small and it’s easy to lose them! So we found a few cases that might help you with this problem — not to mention, they’re super cute!

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We’ve rounded up our favorite AirPod cases and tracking devices so you’ll never misplace them again! Check them out below!


airpod cases
Filoto Case for AirPods
This case comes in over thirty different colors and has cute accessories that come with it! It also makes wireless charging easy to do for your AirPods!
SHOP NOW - $6.99
airpod cases
Airpod Case AIRSPO Airpods Case
Rep this season’s latest animal print on your AirPods! This design gives a little more personality and comes in over twenty unique designs!
SHOP NOW- - $8.99
airpod cases
Happypapa Airpods Case
With over forty designs, this hard AirPod case provides the perfect balance of style and protection. This case is compatible with both the 2018 Airpods and the 2019 designs. It is also compatible with wireless charging.
SHOP NOW - $8.99
airpod cases
Saffiano Leather AirPods Case
Stunning and artfully made, this Prada case will leave you the talk of the town. With the official logo and colors in black, bluette, fiery red, and chalk white, your AirPods just got an upgrade.
SHOP NOW - $395
airpod cases
Vintage Check Cotton and Lambskin AirPods Pro Case
Who needs a logo when you have the world-recognized classic Burberry check? This case is high quality, has a handy wristlet and will definitely keep your AirPods safe and chic!
SHOP NOW - $420
airpod cases
Waterproof Total Protection Case for AirPods Pro
Can someone say ‘protection’? This case comes in Army Green or Stealth Black and offers total protection for your pods! This case is also drop-proof and will prevent any damage from coming to your AirPods.
SHOP NOW - $49.99
airpod cases
GVIEWIN Aurora Series AirPods Pro Case
I swear, I didn’t even know this was an AirPod case until I clicked on it. This cute and stylish case comes in three colors: White, Green, and Pink and is perfect to accessorize your AirPods!
SHOP NOW - $16.99
airpod cases
AirPods Pro Case Cover with Keychain
So cute and this case can come in over thirty different colors! This case is smooth and sleek and will protect your Airpods while still giving them a little style!
SHOP NOW - $5.99
airpod cases
AirPods Pro Case
This Gucci over-the-shoulder case will let you accessorize in a whole new way. We love the classic tan look of the case, as it is inspired by the handbags we so love to carry around with us! The small details of this case are impeccable, from the locket inspired close to the bamboo handle, this case will have you turning all the heads!
SHOP NOW - $1,100
airpod cases
Nomad Rugged Case
This two-piece Rugged Case gives your Airpods a classic look, while also keeping them protected. The case comes with a lanyard attachment point, so you can carry your AirPods with you anywhere you go! The case comes in Rustic Brown, Black, and Natural, so your personality can shine through in these cases too!
SHOP NOW - $34.95
airpod cases
WALLY AirPod Case
This case is so cute and so customizable! With a one year warranty, you’re guaranteed to have safe airpods for a really great price! The case is also available for Airpods 1 and 2!
SHOP NOW - $18
airpod cases
Dior Oblique Case for Airpods Pro
Crafted in blue Dior Oblique jacquard, this case is the perfect accessory for your outfit! It comes with a leather strap that makes carrying around your Airpods easy and creates a more subtle looking case… that is, aside from the designer label stitched into the fabric.
SHOP NOW - $450
airpod cases
Fendi AirPods Case
This stunning case comes in blue and yellow leather and is complete with the FF Baguette motif! Stunning and with excellent craftsmanship, this case is certainly a fashion statement for you!
SHOP NOW - $490
airpod cases
Adhesive Bluetooth Tracker
We suggest you add tracking stickers to your cases, just for even more assurance that you won’t lose them! These stickers have a three-year battery life each and are waterproof! Just download an app and you can ring your sticker if it’s within 150 feet of you. If it’s outside of that range, you can see its most recent location!
SHOP NOW - $57.76
airpod cases
Wireless RF Item Locator
You can put these on anything, but your Airpods will thank you for it. You can track these buttons within 131 feet of you. Just press the button on the remote and you will hear a beeping sound!
SHOP NOW - $17.99
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