Barbie — Yes, The Doll — Just Became Our New Life Coach

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Ladies, there’s a new life coach in town, and her name is…Barbie?

I need you to hear me out about this, because I was skeptical, too. When  our Editor-in-Chief pitched a story about Barbie’s YouTube videos being “SO GOOD,” I thought “The doll? That Barbie?”

Yes, that Barbie. 

This came about after a weekend with her 10-year-old granddaughter but, according to my Editor, she got “kinda hooked” on the vids. So, I settled in to watch some Barbie vlogs, and you know what? They are good.

The iconic doll has come a long way since her days of lazing around her Dreamhouse, riding around in her pink Corvette with her boyfriend, Ken, and being dressed up by millions of little girls worldwide. 

Nowadays, Barbie and her pals upload videos that cover a ton of relevant topics – they cook, clean, dance, donate, talk about empathy, and cover a slew of other important topics that are geared toward education, empowerment, and fun. I wish this channel had been around when I was young but, alas, the Internet didn’t exist.

Barbie’s vlog is where she shares “Information about my life, my inspirations and my favorite things! I also love to do silly challenges with all of my friends and my sisters. I hope these vlogs inspire you to be anything you want to be. Remember…Positive Attitude Changes Everything. P.A.C.E! ✌”

She ends every video saying P.A.C.E. while making the peace sign with her fingers, so it comes out like “PAAACE,” which made me roll my eyes a bit BUT it’s super cute and a great message for the targeted audience.

And that audience is big – the channel has 13,807,317 views! The vlogs are all around 3 minutes or less and engage the viewers, whether it’s imparting some sage wisdom or teaching a new skill. 

Here are some of our favorite videos from Barbie’s channel — P.A.C.E. ✌🏻

Real Life Algorithms

Barbie and Ken talk about “Real Life Algorithms” and how coding is just a series of steps that are inputted into a computer – and how the same logic can be applied to recipes or making a paper airplane.

My Honest Thoughts on New Year’s Resolutions

Not gonna lie, this one had me tearing up a bit. Barbie shares that she has “Been thinking a lot about my New Year’s resolutions, reflecting on this past year, and wanted to share some thoughts I had about the different pressures on us girls.” 

She talks about choices and the pressure to be all things – essentially, perfect – and assure viewers that it’s okay to walk your own path. That we don’t have to be all things to everyone and it’s okay to fail.

Barbie Shares Some Empathy

This vlog tackles empathy after a year of Covid lockdowns and students returning to school. 

“Going back to school is a super exciting time, especially after the year we’ve all had! But it also brings up a lot of emotions, so it’s important to try to understand that not everyone feels the same way. That’s called empathy, and it’s how I like to show some extra kindness.”

The world could use more empathy, and this is a Barbie message we fully support!

Never Too Young to Have a Voice

Barbie gives kids ideas on how they can use their voices to be heard on issues that matter to them, stressing that it’s important to care. What matters is that it matters to you and you speak up!

Barbie and Nikki Discuss Racism

In the wake of Black Lives Matter, Barbie invites her friend Nikki to join the vlog to talk about standing up to racism.

Nikki shares her experiences about when she has been treated unfairly, and Barbie says “I am grateful for her honesty and friendship. To be a good friend, it’s important to listen, to understand, and to notice when bad things are happening to other people and to do something to help stop it. I hope that after hearing from Nikki, you, too, will be inspired to continue taking a stand against racism.”



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