What’s in my beach bag

After a lifetime of living at the beach and traveling along the coasts I have formed the ideal beach bag for a perfect summer day. Whether it is a day at the beach, sitting poolside with friends and family, or on a vacation relaxing by the water these beach bag essential are perfect for you.

Beach Bag

A beach bag is more than just a stylish accessory; it is an essential tool that can significantly enhance your beach-going experience. Having a well-prepared beach bag ensures you are fully equipped to enjoy a day of sun, sand, and surf without any unnecessary inconveniences. It serves as a mobile storage unit for all your beach essentials, from sunscreen and towels to snacks and entertainment. A great way to keep your summer snacks and goodies cooled is ensuring you have a reliable cooling tote bag for your adventures.

Sun Screen

Sunscreen is an indispensable item that should always find its place in your beach bag and day to day use. Its significance lies in safeguarding your skin from the harmful effects of UV rays emitted by the sun. Whether you plan to swim, relax on the sand, or revel in beach sports, sunscreen is your best friend, ensuring you can bask in the sun’s warmth without effecting the health and well-being of your skin.

Water Bottle

Having a reusable water bottle at the beach is not only practical but also essential for several compelling reasons. First and foremost, staying hydrated is crucial, especially when spending time under the hot sun. As someone who uses a reusable water bottle everywhere they go I decided to splurge on a personalized water bottle.

When it comes to my kiddos I always find it so challenging to keep them wanting to drink water and staying hydrated, however with getting a personalized water bottle it has changed the game. No more arguing on whose water bottle had more in it or their water being warm.

Plastic Bags

Whether it is for your snacks, keeping your phone dry and out of the sand, or putting a wet bathing suit in them, plastic bags have multiple uses when it comes to a day in the sun or by the water. Not only do they help you with keeping your items clean they also can help clean up the beach, when you are all done with your day in the sun it makes for a great trash bag to collect any trash. This will help keep your coasts and pools cleans!

Beach Activities

Having beach toys in your bag is a delightful addition that can elevate your beach experience to new levels of fun and enjoyment. Beach toys offer endless entertainment for both kids and adults, making them an essential inclusion for a memorable day by the sea.

Sun glasses

Sunglasses are not only a stylish accessory but also a highly beneficial and practical item to have at the beach. When choosing sunglasses for the beach, opt for those with 100% UV protection and consider polarized lenses for the best glare reduction. With the right pair of sunglasses, you can enjoy a safer, more comfortable, and fashionable beach experience.

Hair Tie / Ponytail Holder

Bringing a hair tie to the beach is a small yet incredibly practical and often overlooked item that can make a big difference in your beach experience. Whether it is you or a kiddo that is helping avoid future knots having a hair tie can help prevent that challenge later on by keeping the hair out of the elements of the beach.

Lunch Box

By having a lunch box at the beach, you not only cater to your taste preferences and dietary needs but also promote a more economical, environmentally friendly, and enjoyable beach outing overall. A great option for a lunch box is the Bentgo Classic All-in-One Stackable Lunch Box Container with Built in Flatware. Bentgo continues to be a proud supporter of Feed the Children, nonprofit that gives hope and resources for hungry children and families.

Baby Powder

Bringing baby powder to the beach may seem like an unusual beach essential, but it serves a practical and helpful purpose. One of the main uses of baby powder at the beach is to help remove sand from your skin easily. Baby powder can help prevent chafing, particularly in areas where your skin rubs together, such as thighs and underarms. Remember to choose baby powder that is talc-free, as talc has raised concerns about respiratory health. Look for cornstarch-based or talc-free baby powders, which are considered safer alternatives.

A good beach bag is a practical and smart investment for a fun and hassle-free beach outing. It ensures you have everything you need, enhances your comfort and safety, and contributes to a more enjoyable and memorable beach experience.

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