Here’s How To Make Your Tension Headaches Disappear Like Magic

Do you suffer from tension headaches or migraines? My partner of 5 years deals with them and through this time of being together, he has tried just about everything on the market to help relieve them. Here are some things we’ve learned about tension headaches.


What can be the cause of a tension headache?

So many things in our daily lives can lead to these headaches or migraines. Some of the main causes often include: squinting, bright sunlight, stress, anxiety, dehydration, missing meals throughout the day, blood pressure, change in elevation and sleep exhaustion. Elevation is a big one for my partner because we travel through Arizona quite often from our home in Flagstaff to visit family down in the valley. Sometimes causes aren’t even obvious and take a while to figure out. Working on limiting these common causes will help prevent you from getting them in the first place, like squinting less.

How can I help my tension headache/migraine?

While it is common to turn straight to medicine, let’s first talk about some other approaches. Many people turn to essential oils to help relieve headaches. My partner usually uses peppermint to do so. You can either diffuse peppermint oil into the room or you can use a peppermint essential oil roller. With a roller, you can put the peppermint oil straight onto the temples, which is a faster approach than breathing it in through the diffuser. He’s used this roller and personally swears by it!

Another project my family has been doing for years is making eye pillows that help with headaches. This option from Pinterest uses lavender and flaxseed, but you could add in peppermint if you want to add an additional oil for headache prevention. These bad boys are also great for helping with sleep issues. 

Heating pads are also a great tool to help relieve tension headaches. Especially this one which was made specifically for the neck. Ice packs on the back of the neck can also slow down the blood flow of the arteries which will help with blood pressure-related headaches. This Aculief Wearable clamp also uses acupressure to help relieve tension headaches.

Stretching can also help your tension headaches, like the mobility stretches in this video. Posture has a huge impact on how often you get tension headaches, so working on your posture might be a good preventative remedy. You should also look into quality chiropractic care because this can prevent these types of headaches from coming and going. If you’re looking for medicine for your headaches, a few I would recommend are Excedrin Tension Headache, Aleve, or Advil Migraine.


What do you use to help your tension headaches or migraines? Let us know below in the comments!

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