A Holistic Wellness Expert Shares The Best Natural Remedies To Combat Flu Season

Not only is it still COVID season (ugh), but it’s also cold and flu season. As if we didn’t have enough on our hands! If you’re anything like me and always looking for the best natural ways to ward off and prevent sickness, you’re in the right place. Today we’ve partnered with Teri Nejad, NAMA Board Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner, to get all her favorite natural flu remedies that will keep you healthy all winter long.


Mother Nature Knows Best

When seasons change, the elements of the ecosystem change as well. Since we share the same elements as nature, it’s in our best interest to harmonize with nature’s laws and rhythms. When seasons change, our immune system becomes vulnerable. Why? Well, simply because we haven’t adjusted our lifestyles according to the change — so when it becomes fall, we are still living in summer style, eating cold foods, drinking cold beverages, acting in the summer spirit.

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When our elements are in harmony with the ecosystem, from the atom, to the cell, we maintain homeostasis. Hence the value of balance! Mother Nature knows exactly what we need, and she will serve us only the best of the best. Pomegranates harvest right around the time when we are going into fall, when our immune system can weaken. Do you know which fruit has one of the highest levels of antioxidant immune strengthening elements? Get your pom on!

Natural Cold and Flu Remedies

Cold and flu season is usually at its peak in the first and last quarters of the year. We experience coughs, headaches, congestion, body and respiratory ache, fever, runny nose and all that great stuff that comes with a cold or flu. Here are some ways to prevent sickness and recover fast!

Vitamin D

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Let’s start with Vitamin D, the foundation of our immune system function! I recommended to get your levels tested and work your way to a number above 70.

Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables

Depending on what part of the world you live in, eating local and seasonal fruits and vegetables can keep you in balance with your environment. Remember that whole “Mother Nature knows best” thing we talked about above? That’s what I’m talking about here! Eating locally and seasonally will help your body get the nutrients it needs so you can stay healthy all year long.

Natural Remedies!

Well, first you should understand what you are trying to achieve with these. Are you trying to build your immune system, or are you trying to get rid of a bug? Once you know what your goal is, you’ll be able to choose the best natural remedy. Here are some of my favorites:

  • Echinachea – Immune system building

  • Oil Of Oregano – Antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, etc. (Mediterranean Oregano is the most medicinal)

  • Pau d’ Arco tea — Antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, anti-parasite, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, etc… (brewing tea has shown to be the most effective)

  • Elderberry – Immune system support (Make your own syrup at home!)

  • Amalaki – One of the highest levels of Vitamin C of any food source. Native medicine to the Indian culture, accessible pretty much anywhere.

  • Chyavanprash is a jam made with Amalaki. It tastes delicious and works for immune system building.

  • Get good sleep!

  • Magnesium Citrate works wonders on the nervous system, which is related to our digestion. Our nervous system is unconsciously triggered during the fall and winter, when our digestion can be weaker. Adding magnesium citrate can help the flow of bowel movements and help with better quality sleep.

  • Pomegranates: When in season, 1-2 a day keeps the bugs away! You can seed them, freeze them, and eat throughout the year. Make a yummy tea with pomegranate seeds, ginger, honey, cinnamon and lemon. Let it brew for 10 minutes. Use your measurements as you wish.

  • Pineapple juice with ginger works wonders for a cough. Blend ½ inch of ginger with a cup of honey, add pineapple juice, and drink as needed.

  • Another fun cocktail for a cough: Hot water mixed with: 1 tsp honey, 1 tsp turmeric, 1 tsp ginger, 1 pinch of black pepper, ¼ tsp of Ajwain. Pour boiling water onto all the ingredients and let it sit for 5 min covered, then enjoy as needed.

  • For congestion: Steam eucalyptus leaves or oil, and breathe in the steam. You can use your stovetop for leaves or a humidifier for the oil. Steam ginger and breathe the vape, or take a ginger bath.

  • Salt water drips: Make your own drips using pink sea salt with water. You can use a plastic syringe and drop in your nose.

By working on your immune system, you are building up a strong defense for those seasonal bugs to come and quickly go without doing much harm to you, if any.

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However, the key element to overall health is your mind (this is why sleep is so important!). The mind is in control of every cell in your body. If you project fear, stress, concern, anger and other negative thoughts or feelings, your cells will get affected immediately. Healthy mind, healthy body, is the ultimate happy life!


There you have it! The best natural flu remedies, straight from a holistic wellness expert. Did any of these make your to-try list the next time you get sick? Let us know in the comments!

About Teri Nejad

Teri Nejad is a NAMA Board Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner, and has been practicing holistic medicine for 22 years. She’s also a mom of two and a certified Pilates instructor. She can be found on Instagram @veda_body.

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