Mom To Mom: When Temps Are Soaring, Entertain The Kids Indoors

We’ve officially hit the “dog days of summer,” and with that comes temperatures too hot to enjoy the outdoors. But, what if you’re a parent of young ones who need a productive way to get their energy out? Spending time at the park is the easiest and most cost friendly option to entertain and exercise your kids, but the sun can do a number on playground equipment. 

When the playground is too hot, and a water play option is not available, your only choice for entertainment might be indoors. Please don’t hit the panic button just yet…there are dozens of creative ways to entertain the kids in even the smallest of spaces!  To get your creative wheels spinning, we’ve listed a handful of innovative time-killers to get you through this tough hump in the weeks leading up to the new school year! 

Tissue Paper Laser Maze 

Thanks to It’s Always Autumn for the instructions!

summer activities for kids

This is a creative way to utilize your space inside! Play this game on sunny and rainy days alike. Simply take a roll or two of party decoration streamers and zig-zag across the living room and all over. Leave no small space, and stagger the ribbon small and tall for maximum difficulty. Once the pieces are taped into place, have your kids try to cross the room without touching the “laser beams.”

Fun With Balloons 

Thanks to Kara Creates for the instructions!

summer activities for kids

Sometimes, the simplest tools can create hours and hours of entertainment.  A balloon or two can create so many game options for the indoors, like balloon tennis and balloon races. Have you ever heard of balloon cup shooters? Simply cover the larger end of a paper cup with the balloon and cut out the base. Insert a ping pong ball inside and use it as a shooter gun. Print out a target from home for some serious fun! 

Paper Airplane Target Practice 

Thanks to Bee-ing Mommy for the instructions!

Paper Airplane Target Practice 

Another fun game that focuses on perfecting your aim! Take a larger cardboard box and cut out a few holes big enough for a paper airplane to fit through. You can decorate your target board with paper or stickers, or leave as is. Assign a value for each of the holes. Next, create a handful of paper airplanes for each team. Once you’ve prepared your game, sit back from your target and try and aim your planes through. This helps with practicing your aim and can be on the quieter of indoor game options, making it perfect for that parent who works from home.  

Laundry Basket Skee Ball 

Thanks to Frugal Fun For Boys And Girls for the instructions!

Laundry Basket Skee Ball 

A super creative way to utilize some ball pit balls and a boring laundry basket or two. Simply cut out a box on one side to create a small ramp. Label a few laundry baskets by different values and stack them behind each other. Then, simply roll the balls up the ramp to see if you can get them all in. Taking a classic arcade favorite and bringing it home in the most creative way!


I know this one seems like an obvious choice, but utilizing Legos to build and create can bring a lot of fun. Sometimes kids have so many Legos and no direction on how to use them, so they sit there and collect dust. If you research online for different Lego build ideas, you can challenge your children to create a variety of different things! With Legos being used by kids of all ages and sizes, this is an easy way to bring the fun indoors.

Indoor Scavenger Hunt 

Utilizing what’s free on the internet can sometimes be your biggest flex when you’ve run out of fresh ideas. Pinterest can be a wonderful home for you to find all kinds of activities and printables, including a variety of “indoor scavenger hunts” for kids to do. Simple household things can now be treasure with the help of these hunt lists. Just go to Pinterest today and search for one (or a few) that will best serve your environment!

I hope the smallest of ideas got your creative gears moving! Surviving the last few weeks of summer can be challenging for both parents and kids alike, so cut them a bit of slack and yourself as well. You’re doing great, and they’ll be back at school before you know it!


Do you have any fun summer activities for kids to share? Tell us in the comments!

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