Here’s How To Make Your Spring Garden Oasis The Envy Of The Neighborhood

Does your spring garden need some work? Mine does, too. Spring is the perfect time to get out in the garden and plant some veggies, gorgeous flowers, and herbs. Not only is it a pastime that helps you enjoy the amazing weather, but it also can reward you with fresh vegetables and a gorgeous yard. Here are some necessities for your spring garden this year.


 In-season flowers and vegetables

The first step to growing a great garden is planting vegetables and flowers that are in-season and will actually grow properly when you start. Here are our picks for the spring season:

Garden accessories and planters

If you don’t already have a garden, you’ll need to get some important tools and planters to start gardening in.

Comfort necessities

Sometimes being on your knees all day gardening can take a serious toll on your body. Your hands can easily get pruned from being in wet soil all day. These comfort products might help with these issues:

Garden fashion

While you’re in the garden all day, you might want to wear an outfit that will not only help you out but also will protect you from the sun and other natural occurrences like bug bites. These items make up our garden chic:

Garden hose attachments/watering cans

Your garden plants will need water, but there are so many ways to get it to them. Here are some of our favorite options for watering your plants:


What are your favorite garden necessities? Share them below!

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