Seed Tape Is The Easy Gardening Hack That Even Your Kids Can Do

We’ve all started up new hobbies now that our lives look a little different. I personally love my houseplants (affectionately named Ophelia, Huckleberry, and Horrace) but I really can’t wait to start gardening in the spring! Gardening is so healthy for you and it supplies you with the literal fruits of your labor. But sometimes gardening can be hard on your body, and that’s where seed tape comes in! Seed tape isn’t too new to the gardening world, but it is a surefire way to help you in your garden life.


seed tape

Not only is gardening a good hobby, but it has some surprising benefits as well. Gardening allows you to become more self-sufficient as you begin to grow and make things come alive on your own. You also become more in tune with the earth, and even if you only garden for a little bit every day, you’re adding to the earth and improving it. Gardening is also proven to reduce depression and anxiety.

So, what is seed tape?

seed tape

It’s a new(ish) way to garden — you lay the ‘tape’, which is actually thin tissue paper with seeds pre-sewn into it wherever you would like, and you’re done! Your garden is already made! The tape can yield different types of flowers, herbs, fruits, or vegetables or all the same if you want!

Why would I use it?

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Because of its design, the products are sewn in so there’s no worry that you will overpopulate your garden or over-sow your plants. The tape also allows protection from birds and rain, so nothing will get in the way of your seeds once they’re laid. It’s also good for the environment! While many seed packets you will find at the store are often paper, seed tape is designed to be biodegradable and feed the earth. Seed tape will also help you if you love gardening, but it’s hard to kneel for hours or bend over.

What if I don’t want a line of plants?

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While many picture ‘tape’ to mean a long string of one thing, seed tape comes in many different forms. There is the option to get the normal seed tape, with single or multiple tracks allowing you to plant in a straight line. You may also find seed discs which range from 8-12 cm and are often used for flower pots. If you’re planting in a larger garden, you can opt for the 14-30 cm discs. There are also seed mats, which are usually 3’ in length but can be as small as a business card. Seed mats are used mostly in window boxes, bedding borders, and big planters. Finally, seed carpets which are basically your ready-made mini garden.

How can I use it?

seed tape

While seed tape takes some of the physical stress out of gardening, you’ll still have to put in a bit of physical labor! You need to prepare your garden properly, weeding it and such. But the seed tape package will have instructions as to how to properly plant the tape. Usually, it will include laying down the seed tape in a straight line and covering it gently with soil, and watering as instructed. You can also make your own with Amazon’s seed tape just place the seeds where you are instructed to on the packet and start planting!

What are some things I should start planting?

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Because it’s early spring, we’ve got you! 

Vegetables: Asparagus, cucumber, beets, carrots, tomatoes, peppers, beans, broccoli, garlic, potatoes, onions, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, eggplants, lettuce, peas, spinach, and summer squash.

Fruits: Honeydew and raspberries

Flowers: Crocus, daffodil, hyacinths, primrose, forsythia, tulips, pansies, violas, sweet alyssum, and rhododendron. You can get an Easy Garden right here from Amazon!

You can also make your own seed tape with this product! So get your gardening gloves on and let’s go to the patch!


Are you going to use seed tape in your spring garden? Comment below what you’re going to plant this year!

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