Walmart Is The One Stop Shop To Build Your Charming Plant Mom Starter Pack

walmart planters

Plant lady is the new cat lady. With more and more women discovering the joys of owning, growing, and propagating houseplants, living spaces across the country are quickly transforming into urban jungles. Whether you’re new to indoor gardening or have had a green thumb all your life, here are some must-have plant-y items from Walmart that you’ll certainly become very frond of.



walmart plants

ZZ Plant

The ZZ has quickly become a trendy little houseplant thanks to its jade foliage and low care needs. You can place this plant in the darkest recesses of your home and it’ll still thrive! When it comes to care, less is more with the ZZ. Water it about once every two to three weeks and fertilize annually.

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walmart plants

Little Fiddle

This cute and compact plant is actually a dwarf version of the regular Fiddle Leaf Fig tree. It can be a tad fussy, so it’s better suited for more experienced plant moms. For care, pop this baby in a place that receives a lot of indirect sunlight and water weekly.

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walmart plant

Pothos ‘N’Joy

The Pothos ‘N’Joy is a pretty spin on the traditional green Pothos. The cream-and-green-colored leaves make this plant the perfect addition to any room in your home. Moreover, Pothos don’t need a lot of natural light to grow, making them great plants for cubicles.

SHOP NOW – $14.99

walmart plants

Chinese Money Plant

If you’re the kind of gal who is obsessed with weird plants, the Chinese Money plant is definitely for you! The circular leaves are hoisted up high by thin stems, making them look like little UFOs. This plant loves indirect light and a weekly drink.

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walmart planters

Multi-Plant Stand

A girl can never have too many plants! Display all of your leafy babies on this 12-seat wooden plant stand to free up floor space in your home.

SHOP NOW – $47.99

walmart planters

Planter with Stand

Display your houseplants in style with a unique wooden and white planter. The ceramic pot comes with a small drainage hole that makes watering a breeze. I’m in love with the wooden legs that give this planter more va-va-voom, and make this one of my fav Walmart planters!

SHOP NOW – $32.72

walmart planters

Ceramic Jewel Tone Pots

Do you absolutely love jewel tones? Then you’re guaranteed to adore these gemstone-colored pots. The set of three Walmart planters contains different sized pots to accommodate all of your houseplants. Place the smallest one on a table for an instant burst of greenery and the largest pot near your bed to feel like you’re sleeping in a tropical oasis.

SHOP NOW – $46.89

walmart planters

Bloem Lucca Self Watering Planter w/ Saucer 8″ Pebble Stone

Even the most diligent plant lady may sometimes skip watering her plants a time or two. This self-watering pot will keep your houseplants fully hydrated even if you’re out of town or just forgetful. The large pebble-colored pot is the perfect home for large plants and is suited for both indoor and outdoor use.

SHOP NOW – $8.99

walmart planters

Glass Tube Vases

What’s an easy (and free) way to get even more plants? Propagate the ones you already have! Simply cut a piece of your existing plant, plop it into this gorgeous glass vase, add water, and watch it grow! This chic hanging vase set makes the perfect propagation station.

SHOP NOW – $27.27

walmart planters

Rose Gold Terrarium

This sleek rose gold terrarium makes an ideal home for succulents and air plants. Create your own miniature fairy garden by adding moss and tiny plants. Simply mist with a spray bottle every week to keep your plants hydrated.

SHOP NOW – $59.99

walmart planters

Hanging Planters

Free up floor space (for more plants!) by displaying your houseplants vertically with this set of hanging planters. The rope gives these pots a boho vibe. Place trailing plants in these pots for cascading greenery in your home.

SHOP NOW – $19.99

walmart planters

Geometric Wall Planter

Create a tropical wall gallery with these modern geometric wall hangers. They can be effortlessly hung to any wall for an attractive, eye-catching décor piece.

SHOP NOW – $20.86

Fertilizer & Tools

Now that you have picked out your favorite plants and planters, you’ll need some fertilizer and tools to get started!

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