Could Meadowfoam Seed Oil Be Your Beauty Savior? We Have the Full Scoop

meadowfoam seed oil

Coconut oil. Jojoba oil. Avocado oil. We know these are fantastic for your skin and hair, helping with all sorts of ailments. But meadowfoam seed oil? What the hell is that?

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You’ve probably heard of meadowfoam seed oil by now, as it’s currently blowing up the beauty industry. We’re going to give you a deep dive on this nourishing ingredient, and some beauty product recs that are about to become staples on your vanity.


What is Meadowfoam Seed Oil?

It comes from the meadowfoam plant, found on the West Coast (specifically in Oregon, California, and Western Canada). A topical product, this extracted oil is similar to shea butter and macadamia butter – it creates a seal over the skin and locks in hydration, giving you soft, moisturized skin. A cool part about it: its fatty acids erase the typical grease you get from other oils.

What Are the Benefits of Meadowfoam Seed Oil?

Meadowfoam seed oil hasn’t been tested as much as other oils, but the results of small studies are promising. For skincare, it’s been suggested that it can be used to lessen the appearance of stretch marks and scars, protect you from sunburns, and soothe inflammation and acne flare-ups.

Hair-wise, this oil can help with brittle strands, as well as detangling stubborn knots and limiting frizz. It also helps with colored hair by minimizing stripping. Mix it in with your conditioner for a quick fix, or apply it directly to your hair and sleep in it for maximum effect.

The Best Meadowfoam Products for Your Beauty Needs

Want to try out this new trend? Look no further than this list, which features products for both your skin and hair.

100% Pure Meadowfoam Seed Oil

This meadowfoam seed oil doesn’t have any additives or chemicals – you’re getting the purest of the pure. Without these additives, you’ll reap the full effects of a non-greasy skincare product that still moisturizes both skin and hair like no other.

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meadowfoam seed oil

sugarcane and meadowfoam

Sugarcane Extract & Meadowfoam Seed Silicone Free Leave-In

There are two key ingredients in this leave-in: meadowfoam seed oil and sugarcane extract. I personally swear by this stuff and have been using it for years! My hair is thick and curly and when I lived in Northern Virginia, the summer humidity would give me frizz like none other, but this stuff took care of it for good. I’ll honestly never stop using it!

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Purity Made Simple One-Step Facial Cleanser

This one-step facial cleanser is a dream come true, because 1. Who doesn’t love a one-step facial cleanser, and 2. Its main ingredient is meadowfoam seed oil. It gets rid of dirt and makeup while also locking in moisture, and one study reported that 91% of women said one use left their skin extremely refreshed. Don’t look at me – that’s science.

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MEADowfoam seed oil

cucumber face sunscreen

Cucumber Organic Classic Face Sunscreen SPF 30

Like I said, the extract can help protect the skin from sun, so it’s no surprise that it’s in this SPF 30. Featuring plenty of nutrients, including antioxidant-filled meadowfoam seed oil, this can be your all-in-one lotion and sunscreen.

SHOP NOW – $32

Curl Quencher Moisturizing Styling Gel

Curly hair constantly frizzing up and becoming a mess of tangles? Grab this styling gel and say goodbye to your troubles. It’s a two-in-one: the meadowfoam seed oil moisturizes, while vitamin B5 plumps up your curls.

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meadowfoam seed oil

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Are you planning on trying out any of these meadowfoam seed oil products? We want to hear the results, so drop a comment below!

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