Give Your Pet The Life It Deserves With These Innovative Pet Products

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Are you as guilty as I am of treating your pet like a person? I swear, my dog has a god complex because of me. But we love our pets so much and we want to give them the best life we can. We’ve put together a list of the best pet products for every type of pet out there — check it out!



Litter Robot (get $25 off!!)

automatic fish feeder

This pet product is my favorite thing I own, hands down. Basically the whole litter box experience is hands-off with the Litter Robot, and I’m obsessed with it. My cats love it, too — to the point where they’ll run upstairs if they hear it start to cycle so they can watch! This Litter Robot is Litter-ally amazing and we love it here at Monet!


Pretty Litter

kitty litter

A monthly subscription for your cat litter? I’ll take two! But seriously, this litter is pretty amazing. It changes colors to alert you if your cat has any health issues by detecting the pH of the your cat’s urine. Check out a more in-depth review here about what happened when Emily tried it!

SHOP NOW – $22/month

Litter Genie

kitty litter

Without risking further confusion about who’s a human in your home, we have something very akin to the Diaper Genie, but for cats! Just scoop pet waste into here and it locks odors in like a dream. Before I got the Litter Robot, this thing was my saving grace, and I can’t recommend it enough for all my cat mommas out there! It can last up to 8 weeks per cat, so you won’t constantly be having to dump its contents out. 

SHOP NOW – $21.99

Cat Tailer

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Are you worried about your cat getting out? Sometimes the little kitties I babysit for could double as Houdini, I swear. This cat tracker will tell you where your cat is at all times. It works within a 328 ft radius and can send your updates when your cat is nearby, and it can alert you when your cat goes out of range. Never lose your escape artist again!

SHOP NOW – $59

PetSafe Automatic Feeder

cat feeder

I forgot to feed my roommate’s dog once and I felt like the worst person in the universe. But this feeder is brilliant for when you might have gone on with your day, but forgotten about the most important meal of the day for your pet! You can schedule up to twelve meals for your dog or cat, or use the ‘Feed Now’ option at any time. You can also customize how much you give your pet per meal, ranging from ⅛ cup to 4 cups. 

SHOP NOW – $169.95

SureFlap Microchip Cat Door

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Another amazing product for your cat-escape-artist! This product is awesome if you have a cat that likes to go in and out of your house. The app will alert you when your cat comes and goes and it will also let you lock your cat door automatically. It’s so easy to install and can work with both cats and dogs!

SHOP NOW – $250


Dyson Groom

dog groomer

Who said Dysons are just for humans? I have a husky who loves to shed almost as much as he loves the cuddles, so hair is literally everywhere. This is the perfect way to groom your dog whose undercoat adds about fifty pounds to him (I’m talking to you, F. Scott Fitzgerald). This is also an incredibly affordable option for a quick and efficient clean-up for your couch, clothes, and carpets!

SHOP NOW – $57.97

Dexas Mudbuster Portable Dog Paw Washer

dog paw washer

This little gadget is great to keep in the car or by the back door to quickly scrub off mud, dirt, and whatever your pups have gotten into on their adventures! It uses soft silicone bristles to get into all the nooks and crannies of your dog’s paws, while being super gentle. Plus it’s portable (you could even fit it in your purse!) and super cheap, so there’s no reason you can’t have one for the car, the house, your bag…wherever!

GoDogGo Fetch Machine

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My dad will be getting this baby for Father’s Day. One of his main joys in life is throwing the ball for his dogs, but he also tends to throw out his shoulder. This is the perfect outdoor accessory for your dogs who just love to catch the ball over and over and over again! You can adjust the settings to throw farther or shorter distances, so this will work no matter what size yard you have.

SHOP NOW – $149.95

Dual Doggie Reflective Retractable Pet Leash

dog leash

Do you have more than one dog, but not double the time to walk them? That’s okay! This leash lets you walk both of your puppers without getting tangled. I absolutely love this because when I dog-sit for my sister, I can’t take all of her three dogs on separate five-mile walks, so this lets me easily walk all of them at once.

SHOP NOW – $25.20


pet camera

Admit it, you have more pictures on your phone of your pet than you do of your partner. There’s no shame in that! But with this camera, you can watch your pets, even when you’re not at home! Just download the app and you can watch as your puppies (or kitties!) play when you’re away. You can also listen or talk to them with 2-way audio, and it has a laser in case you want to play with them while you’re not in the house.

SHOP NOW – $179

Whistle FIT

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Think Apple Watch for dogs! I know I’m obsessed with seeing how many calories I’m burning per day, and you can do that now with your dog as well. This device simply attaches to your dog’s collar and tracks its activity levels, calories, distance, sleeping, and everything else! This is great if you’re watching your pet’s health and want to make sure he’s as healthy as a horse…I mean dog.

SHOP NOW – $76.62

GoPlus Dog Treadmill

dog treadmill

Do you ever have those rainy days where you know your pet needs to get out and walk, but he literally can’t without getting soaked? Well, this baby is the answer. Now you and your doggo can work out together! This dog treadmill is super safe for your dog and comes in all different sizes to help give you dog the best indoor fitness experience.

SHOP NOW – $369.99


Aquarium Gravel Cleaner

automatic fish feeder

One thing I remember about having a fish was that smell that I couldn’t get rid of. Granted, I was nine and scared of fish, but still, not pleasant. This gravel cleaner lets you stick a vacuum-like attachment into your fishbowl and it cleans out the gravel for you! No need to move your fish or anything. Cleaning made super easy!

SHOP NOW – $24.99

Automatic Fish-Feeder

automatic fish feeder

We found the best way to feed your fish! This automatic fish feeder connects to an app that lets you set up feeding times for your fish whenever you want. It connects to WiFi and is crazy easy to set up. Who says only cats and dogs need automatic food dispensers?

SHOP NOW – $20.54

Aquarium Test Strips

automatic fish feeder

You need to make sure the water in your fish’s bowl is safe enough to drink (for them, not you!). With this test strip kit, you can test the pH levels, water hardness, nitrate, nitrite, carbonate, and chlorine. It’s easy to use, just dip the strip in the water and check the guide to see what’s happening in your fish’s home!

SHOP NOW – $12.98

Lizards, Geckos, Turtles, and Snakes

A Heating Mat

heating mat

This mat is perfect for your turtle, snake, lizard, gecko, or frog! With manual temperature adjustments, this pad will help your pet with its activity, appetite, and metabolism. This heating pad is specifically designed for pets to minimize the risk of causing your pet any harm.

SHOP NOW – $15.99

LED lights

heat pad

These lights have three different light settings to help your pet sleep and wake up easily. It also has a touch control system that makes it super easy for you to use and change. You can pick from blue light, white light, or a mixture of two depending on your pet’s particular needs.

SHOP NOW – $27.83

Reptile Humidifier


This humidifier comes with a fogger extension, perfect for your pets that need a humid environment. It’s also great for cleaning bacteria (when your pet is out of its cage, obviously). This humidifier makes no noise and helps cultivate a safe and suitable environment for any of your reptiles!

SHOP NOW – $49.99

Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, and Chinchillas

Grooming Brush

grooming brush

This is the cutest way to ever brush your bunny. This brush is super safe to use, and you can give your bunny some love while also making sure it’s not shedding everywhere. My mom got these gloves for my dog and she loves them so much. They’re also great for a quick clean-up around the house if your bunny has made your couch a little more hairy than it needs to be!

SHOP NOW – $16.99

Rabbit Litter Box

rabbit litter box

This super easy-to-clean rabbit litter box is one of our fav rabbit products. It’s also made of stain and odor-resistant plastic, so you don’t have to worry about the smell! This design is for relatively bigger bunnies, but it can also work for ferrets, chinchillas, hamsters, and other small animals.

SHOP NOW – $30.99

Hay Feeder Bag

automatic fish feeder

This is perfect for any of your little animals that want to snack on hay throughout the day! The bag is made of fabric instead of the usual metal, so your pet won’t get hurt from chewing on its snacks. This is perfect for rabbits, chinchillas, guinea pigs, and other small animals.

SHOP NOW – $16.99


Bird Carrier

bird carrier

I love this idea because I’ve never seen it before! I always see dog carriers, but never one for birds. The bird can see out through all of its travels with this carrier, so it will be less stressed in transit! It also comes with a pole in the cage, so your bird can sit pretty anywhere it goes.

SHOP NOW – $49.99

Bird Heating Pad

bird heating pad

I absolutely love the thought of the little birds all flocking to this heating pad. It’s just too precious! This can be hung vertically too, to make sure all parts of your birds’ home are comfortable and warm. 

SHOP NOW – $31.26

Automatic Bird Feeder

automatic fish feeder

This one reminds me of the cereal dispensers you see in some cafeterias. It cleans up after itself too, as it has a contraption at the bottom that catches the stray seeds and makes sure they don’t get littered on the floor of the cage!

SHOP NOW – $19.90


We love these pet products for our littlest family members. There are so many amazing options to make life easier for them and us! What are your favorite pet products? Comment below!

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