Our Marie Kondo-Approved Closet Clean Out Tips Will Make Your Spring Cleaning Way Easier

cleaning out my closet

It’s that time of year again, when we all look at our closets and want to do that yearly clean out. The second I sniff the warm spring weather, I jump to my closet to switch out my winter clothes for my spring wardrobe. I also get ready for a good ole Marie Kondo clean out to make space for my spring/summer attire and….new clothes. Some of us (speaking for myself) have emotional attachment to our clothes, so it is extremely challenging to part ways with some of these items.

I get it, so today I (Kelsey) am going to show you how I do my spring-cleaning-out-my-closet routine, and Emily’s going to follow it and tell us her experience! Let’s go!


Step 1

cleaning out my closet cleaning out my closet

Kelsey’s Tips: Take all of your clothes out of the closet and put them into one pile. Pick up each piece of clothing. Instead of asking yourself “does this spark joy?” ask yourself “do I wear this often?” Make two separate clothes piles: clothes you wear often and clothes you don’t wear often.

Emily’s Experience: Okay, first of all, wow. I did not know I had so many clothes! Also, Kelsey, I cheated a bit on this step. It was really hard since this past year has been all quarantine and I’ve literally lived in about 3 outfits. So I included into my “do I wear this often” pile things that I know I typically wear but haven’t recently. I’m really not gonna put on a dress just to work at my dining room table. Hope that’s okay…

Step 2

cleaning out my closet

Kelsey’s Tips: What I do next is go through the “don’t wear often” pile and ask myself, why don’t I wear this often? This is where I have an honest moment with myself admitting the fabric is uncomfortable, it doesn’t fit right, was it trend specific? Will this go back in style? Or I just admit to myself I am no longer in love with this piece as I once was. Maybe the item just needs a bit of tailoring that you never got around to or needs professional cleaning or repair? Set those items to the side.

Emily’s Experience: Okay people, time to cut the COVID excuses (talking mostly to myself here). A lot of pieces I looked at and thought, this is cute, but I knew it just didn’t fit right. Or I know those jeans I’ve been keeping as motivation to get in shape are just going to stay folded up perpetually. 

Step 3

cleaning out my closet

Kelsey’s Tips: After you had this come-to-Jesus moment with the pieces you don’t wear enough and have admitted to each item of clothing why you don’t love it anymore, ask yourself: “If there was a fire, would I be upset that this piece is gone?” In a backwards way you are Marie Kondo-ing, but instead of working off the idea of does this spark joy, you are weeding out more pieces that are not practical for you anymore. Maybe they’re not comfortable and don’t spark the same joy as they once did.

Now you will have three piles of clothes:

Pile 1: Clothes you wear often

Pile 2: You don’t wear often, but you love and cannot part ways

Pile 3: “Bye, bitch.” 

Emily’s Experience: My “clothes to keep” pile (again, because I cheated on the first step, ugh) is bigger than I anticipated…okay, Kelsey, you win. I’ll take the next step more seriously and really weed out that pile. Oof.

Step 4

closet cleaning

Kelsey’s Tips: Now you are going to focus on pile 1 and repeat step 3. Have that Jesus moment and ask yourself  with each item, “Is this me? Is this how I want to be dressing?”

So many times I might have a sweater I always wear, but I know in the back of my head that the fabric is cheap and I am old enough to pay for quality. Throw those items into the “Bye, bitch!” pile. 

For pile 2, I force myself to wear these clothes three times in the next season or I have to say goodbye. If I know I truly will not wear them in the next season, my inner Rose Dawson comes into play where I kiss Jack (my clothes) goodbye and let them fall into the ocean (pile 3.) Now you have successfully cleaned out and broken up with the clothes that you are no longer committed to!

Emily’s Experience: Kelsey, you’ve given me a new favorite question! Is this how I want to be dressing? Ooh, instant chills. I must admit, I’ll be in my thirties in the not-too-distant future and I still wear some clothes I got in high school. First of all: gross. Second of all: Emily, you’re a grown ass woman. Time to start dressing like one (even if you do work from home and have been quarantined for the past year).

Step 5


The hanger hack for knowing what to clear from your closet #closetorganization #wardrobe #learnontiktok #tiktokpartner

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Kelsey’s Tips: Now from the piles you keep, put all the clothes back in your closet with the hangers in the opposite direction. With every item you wear from then on, hang it back with the hanger in a normal way. For the next season (which will take a couple of months to see results) the hangers will show you how often you wear these items and by the next clean out you will already have the answers in front of you!

Emily’s Experience: I’ve done this one before! And this will be the true test, especially since lockdown restrictions are finally lifting. I’ll likely have more than three outfits on rotation soon (hopefully).

Well, Kelsey, your system really worked (even though I cheated it a bit!). Want proof? Below are the whopping FOUR BAGS (honestly I’m still shocked) of clothes I will be donating. The lesson here: get honest with yourselves, people, and get ready to seriously clean out your closet!

closet cleaning


Are you going to use my spring-cleaning-out-my-closet tips this year? Do you have any closet cleaning secrets I left out? Share with us in the comments!

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