Our Marie Kondo-Approved Closet Clean Out Tips Will Make Your Spring Cleaning Way Easier

It’s that time of year again — the weather is warming, we’re opening up the windows to air out the house, and the dusty depths of our closets are finally seeing some light. With springtime comes some sort of primal urge to clean and de-clutter, but is your closet on your spring cleaning list?

The second I sniff the warm spring weather, I get ready for a good ole Marie Kondo clean-out to make space for my spring/summer attire (and new clothes, of course).

Today, we’re going to go through some steps to help you maximize your closet space, minimize the closet clutter, and get the most out of your daily wears. Marie Kondo would be proud.

Step 1

cleaning out my closet cleaning out my closet

Take your clothes out of your closet and put them in a pile. Go through them one by one and ask yourself, “Do I wear this often?” Separate your clothes into two piles — those you wear often and those you don’t.

Step 2

cleaning out my closet

Go through the pile of clothes you don’t wear often and ask yourself why you don’t wear them often. Get ready to be brutally honest with yourself. Maybe you don’t love it as much as you used to, maybe it doesn’t fit anymore, or maybe it just doesn’t fit your current style. If you can weed out some more of these items, place them in a third pile.

Step 3

cleaning out my closet

With the same pile of clothes, ask yourself, “If there was a fire, would I be upset that this piece was gone?” If the answer is yes, keep them in this pile. If the answer is no, move them to pile 3 (along with any other pieces you may have weeded out in the previous step).

Now you will have three piles of clothes:

Pile 1: Clothes you wear often

Pile 2: You don’t wear often, but you love and cannot part ways

Pile 3: “Bye, bitch.” 

Step 4

closet cleaning

Now, you’re going to focus on pile 1 and repeat step 3. Have that Jesus moment and ask yourself with each item, “Is this me? Is this how I want to dress?”

So many times, I might have a sweater I always wear, but I know in the back of my mind that the fabric is cheap and I am old enough to pay for quality. Throw those items into the “Bye, bitch!” pile. 

For pile 2, I force myself to wear these clothes three times in the next season, and if I don’t, I have to say goodbye. If I know I truly will not wear them in the next season, my inner Rose Dawson comes into play where I kiss Jack (my clothes) goodbye and let them fall into the ocean (pile 3.) Now you have successfully cleaned out and broken up with the clothes that you are no longer committed to!

Step 5



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Now, from the piles of items you’re keeping, put all the clothes back in your closet with the hangers in the opposite direction. With every item you wear from then on, hang it back with the hanger in a normal way. For the next season (which will take a couple of months to see results) the hangers will show you how often you wear these items, and then it’s time to say goodbye to the pieces still on backwards hangers!

Below are the whopping FOUR BAGS of clothes (honestly, I’m still shocked) I will be donating. The lesson here: get honest with yourselves, people, and get ready to seriously clean out your closet.

closet cleaning


Are you going to use my spring-cleaning-out-my-closet tips this year? Do you have any closet cleaning secrets I left out? Share with us in the comments!

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