This TikTok Famous Candle Jar Hack Will Help You Finally Reuse All Your Empty Jars

Every time I finish a candle I have such a sense of pride when the wax finally gets down to the very bottom. But then I wonder, what the heck do I do with my candle jars now? Well, TikTok has an answer for that (much like everything else).


The TikTok Trend


Cleaning out old candles and reusing the jar 🕯 #cleantok #hack #tips #cleaning #cleaningtiktok #fy #foryou #foryoupage #fyp

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All over TikTok, I’ve been seeing different methods to clean out your candle wax. This one specifically uses boiling water to get the wax up off the bottom of the jar, but I have also seen people freeze them and get a similar effect. Once the wax is off of the bottom, along with the wicks which are usually glued to the bottom, you can clean your jar out and repurpose it. Many people use soap and cleaning wipes to get the jar sparkly clean before using it for something else.

Repurposing Ideas

Many people use their newly cleaned-out candle jars as storage, but for what is up to you. I’ve seen people use them to store their makeup brushes, cotton pads, tampons and so much more. You could also fill your whole drawer with them if you’d like to use them to store your makeup like mascara, lipsticks, and other cylindrical products. Some people go the extra mile and decorate the outside of the jars, like hot gluing rope all the way to the top or spray painting them. Sometimes, local candle stores offer to fill a container of your choosing with a new candle, so you can just keep the cycle going! Buy a candle, clean it out and then fill the container with a new one, how sustainable! Check out this article for more ideas.

What Do You Need?

Once you’re done cleaning your candle out, you’ll have to decide what to fill it with such as mascara, makeup brushes and cotton pads. You might also need some materials to clean it out in the first place, like candle wax remover to get off any stubborn bits of wax.


Have you tried this before? What do you reuse candle jars for? Let us know in the comments!

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