Picnic Essentials for the Perfect Day Date

So my hubby and I like to plan “day dates” for each other and it’s one of the best ways for us to stay connected and shut off from talking about work or the kids to just relax and enjoy each other’s company. I honestly feel like dating your spouse is one of the most important relationship tips I could give. And while we also love going out for a romantic dinner or seeing a show, those occasions can feel more forced and leave less space to just talk and reconnect in a relaxed way. Day dates are great because the options of things to do just opens up and most cost little to nothing. We love museums, hikes, road trips to a great beach or park we haven’t been to before- these are all romantic things you and your partner can do for practically nothing. One of our favorite day date indulgences is to bring along a picnic to our destination and just lay on a blanket and enjoy the scenery, have some wine and food, and just be together.

I also love doing picnics with my youngest daughter- that’s been our special alone time activity since she was a toddler. When you have a lot of kids, carving out one on one time can be a challenge. And I am definitely not above packing a picnic for one and taking it out to the park for some quiet reflection, bringing along a good book and having some “ME” time. I love being in nature and it relaxes me, so a lovely picnic at the park or beach is always an easy “yes.”

Discover my recommendations for the perfect picnic setup:

Reduce Wine Cooler Set

This wine chiller fits most bottles (champagne still works but the top won’t be perfectly screwed on) and keeps your wine at the ideal temperature for the entirety of your picnic. Nobody likes warm white wine or champagne. This Wine Cooler Set comes with two glasses as well that keep things chilled and keep them from spilling. This is a much cheaper version than the brand that’s advertising all over social media right now. Comes in so many cute colors also!

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Insta-Ready Picnic Basket

This adorable Instagram ready picnic basket is perfect for 2-4 people, has real ceramic plates and metal cutlery, and looks super precious all set up. It comes with a little picnic blanket which in my opinion is a bit small, so I add another larger one so I can stretch out and nap off all that cheese and wine. This Picnic Basket Set even has salt and pepper shakers – they thought of everything!! And not using plastic cutlery and paper plates is so much better for the environment. This is also one of my favorite go-to gifts for weddings and showers.

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Wild In Bloom Blanket

wild in bloom blanket

This is the extra blanket I use for picnics. It’s also great for the beach or to bring along to outdoor concerts etc. to sit on grass or sand, or you just might get chilly as the day turns to evening. This Wild in Bloom Blanket is incredibly soft and cozy, comes in a cute little roll with leather handles making it easy to lug around and the underside has a waterproof layer. They thought of everything.

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Silicone Collapsible Containers

These containers are super multipurpose in our house. I just take them to the deli with me and have them fill it with salads and whatever I need, saving the landfills a few more plastic containers. These are freezer and microwave safe as well and when not needed, they collapse flat for easy storage. The Silicone Collapsible Containers come in a 3-piece set and is the perfect size for salad in the large container, cheese in the medium container and grapes or berries in the small container. If you want to be really sustainable, these are great to take along to restaurants when you know you’ll have leftovers. Saving the world from some plastic or styrofoam.

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Silicone Food Storage Bags

These are a great replacement for Ziploc bags. They are much thicker and close differently, but they’re freezer, microwave, dishwasher, and sous vide safe. I like to buy products, portion them out, and then freeze the extra and these Silicone Storage Bags are perfect for that. We are all trying to reduce our use of single-use plastics, right? For a picnic, these are great for bread, crackers, cookies, fruit, etc.

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Perfect Picnic Dress

This is a dress you’ll see me in A LOT. I’m wearing it in a different color on my latest Youtube video and it’s featured in my Vacation Dresses photos. It’s so easy to wear, light and breezy and dresses up or down. I bought this maxi dress in several colors because it’s so inexpensive. It does run small- I ordered an XL when I am usually a Medium. The XL was a bit big, but I didn’t mind the loose fit. If I order another one I might try a Large instead now that I see how it fits.

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